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“Kyushu 100” is the project to introduce the fascinations of 100 spots representing Kyushu chosen by traveler’s review. In order to let you know more fascination of Kyushu beyond 100 spots, we introduce the spots for “Eat” ,”Play” and “Stay” of 7 prefectures in ranking order.

Fukuoka is blessed with plentiful local specialties such as Karashi Mentaiko, Seiromushi Unagi, Mizutaki, Motsunabe, Hakata Ramen and Hakata Udon. There are various local cuisines attracting so many fans nationwide. On the north, it is facing to the Genkainada where so much fresh seafood could be caught. In travelling around Fukuoka, you should enjoy the Fukuoka local gourmet for sure. Here is a ranking of top 20 restaurants highly evaluated by the reviews.

Yoshizuka Unagiya (Fukuoka City)

A historic eel restaurant which began business in 1873. The restaurant is famous for its plump grilled eel with a fragrant aroma and a slightly sweet sauce whose recipe has remained a house secret throughout the long history of the shop. Visitors can also enjoy a fine a la carte menu including omelet wrapped eel and grilled eel liver.

Photo by Sari S

Photo by shige777

Found this well recommended and brought the family here. We arrived at 12noon, and there was already a waiting list of three tables above us. However we got seated within ten minutes. They have English menu, and we ordered the simple Grilled eel with rice and then the 4 piece grilled eel with special sauce. There is also steam egg and girls loved it. Very dainty interior with the waitress in Kimono. Will definitely return!
Review from Szewee1968
This is apparently one of the best for unagi frequented by loyal Japanese customers. Foreign tourists go to this place as well. To avoid the crowd, we went for a late lunch at around 2:00 pm on a weekday, and we were seated quickly. Good unagi. Good service. Review from gfoo

Chikae Fukuoka (Fukuoka City)

A top-grade restaurant well loved for its Karashi Mentaiko. A large fish tank, 3 meters wide and 12 meters long, sits in the center of the shop interior and is always full of over 30 varieties of lively swimming fish which were brought in from all corner of Kyushu. The popular lunch set provides the restaurant’s signature flavor at a reasonable price.

Photo by 서블

Photo by 旅エツコ

Good ambience and food is ok (a bit expensive for lobster and sashimi!)
Service is excellent! We were so excited when we sat down given the fishpond and the decor there. The restaurant looks very different from other sashimi/sushi store. Food is fresh but a little bit pricey. It’s cheaper to order from set menu. It’s a good experience though! Review from Josephine C
I went to this restaurant with about 40 international colleagues for a dinner. The venue had been chosen to give us a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine, but I found some of the items to be too far outside my comfort zone. Each course was beautifully served and presented but the flavours, textures, and consistencies were just a little too challenging. With some patient tuition from colleagues I managed to wrangle the chopsticks to reasonable effect, and that was fun. There was plenty of sake to smooth the process. The place seemed popular with local businessmen, which probably indicates it’s of a decent standard although I thought it was pricey. Review from Dartmum332

Kappo Yoshida (Fukuoka City)

This historic eatery is over 50 years old, and offers cuisine featuring fresh seafood from nearby waters, including yobuko squid, seki aji, seki Saba, and fugu, among others. The shop’s most famous dish, taichazuke is definitely a dish everyone should try once in their lives.

Photo by ぷじゅさんのパパ

Photo by kura2015

An authentic Japanese experience. The sea bream and green tea is delicious. Just watch out for the squid tempura. We weren’t expecting a live squid to be served, but out of respect for local customs we didn’t say anything. It was quickly taken away and turned into a tasty dish after eating the sashimi portion. The staff was exceptionally nice. They have a menu card written in English.Review from Marty M
kappo Yoshida is one of the landmark Japanese dining houses in Fukuoka. Of course Fukuoka is well known as one of the best seafood region in Japan, but it’s hard to tell where to go for the best quality cuisine and reasonable price. One of my local friends who worked at the local newspaper took me there for lunch. I cannot forget the taste of tai-chazuke (red snapper sashimi on rice powered with hot dashi) since, and I make sure that I have lunch there every time I’m in town. Because of my fixed favorite menu I have not explored other authentic seafood menu including balloon fish sashimi, which are hard to come, they must be good. Review from hiroshikawahara

#4 Tempura no Hirao Tenjin (Fukuoka City)

The “Okonomi Teishoku” here includes six types of tempura, including carefully selected shrimp, Kyushu-raised pork, and other quality ingredients, is lauded for being “cheap, delicious, and fast!” The only seating in the restaurant is one long counter, so the tempura can be served piping hot from the fryer. Visitors are sure to devour the crispy tempura as quickly as they can pick it up!

Photo by Hiroki N

This place is a blast don’t be intimidated by the lack of English is very straightforward and the food is awesome they deserve the rating they have. Is a little hard to find I would just get to the area and find the cinema once there you have found it. Just walk past the cinema check in and you’re there. Find what you want on the board by picture and deposit the appropriate coins and you’re done. Great food and very cost effective… enjoy.Review from KBGGregg
The tempura in this place is heavenly and worth every crunchy bite. There was a long line and we waited for about 20 minutes. We saw only the local lunchtime crowd and it was a bit hard ordering from the vendo machine because they don’t have English translation. Loved the side dishes that went with the tempura orders. Very reasonably priced too..average of 750 yen.Review from bloggurl

#5 Horakumanju (Fukuoka City)

This sweet shop is located in four prefectures across Kyushu. A beloved flavor that can only be tasted in Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, and Miyazaki. The confectioners today make the bean paste using the same slow and careful process as they did long ago, without any thickening agents or preservatives. The use of made-in-Japan pure honey completes the gentle, rich taste of this fine treat.

Photo by ここにゃんhappy

Located in Nishijin, a shopping district in Fukuoka City. There is an eat-in space in the shop, which is available only for the customers who have purchased. Some tea is also served for free. There is always a queue in front of the shop and wait for a while to buy, but worth it. Review from putuayu

#6 Umenohana (Kurume City)

“Umenohana” is a restaurant that specializes in offering a tofu-centric kaiseki course menu. Thought it now has locations all throughout Japan, its original location is in Kurume. Beyond freshly made tofu and yuba (tofu skin) served as-is, the menu also includes a large variety of tofu dishes, such as “Tofu Shumai”, and “Yuba Crab Gratin”.

Photo by takayuki t

A group of us went to the Umenohana Japanese Restaurant for lunch one Sunday in April on the recommendation of the hotel concierge. We ordered the 15 course meal at 4320 yen. What a meal it was! What they can do with tofu and yuba simply beats the imagination. The set has mineoka tofu, cold yuba, salad, steamed egg with shrimp-ginkgo-mochi, sashimi, boiled tofu, yuba-age, soup, rice and dessert. It really was a feast of incredible value. We were so impressed we went back five days later. Not to be missed by health conscious foodie. Review from Lindawong9299

#7 Tenjinbar 209 Wagyu Beef Steak (Fukuoka City)

A casual Italian bar with a real firewood oven. Its Japanese black cattle beef, seafood caught from the Genkai Sea, and organic vegetables sourced directly from farmers, are all toasted brown on the outside and juicy on the inside. Over 50 varieties of wine are also available.

Photo by 拓魅 古

Excellent atmosphere and staff. The beef is delicious and the rest of the food is pretty good too. But the best thing about this restaurant is the price. A four-course meal (including the beef!) with all you can drink will cost you less than 5,000 yen. It really is great value. Review from DaphneGolightly

#8 Beef Taigen (Fukuoka City)

The meat at “Beef Taigen” is purchased directly from livestock herders in Izumi city, and has a distinctive sweetness. Steak can be ordered in a variety of cuts, such as cube-cut (kakugiri) or top sirloin (kamenoko). Set lunches and rice bowl menu items such as “Yakiniku Teishoku” and “Otona no Bifuteki Don” are also available.

Photo by Sue H

We really enjoyed soft, yummy sirloin steak and tasteful hamburger. The amount was steak was a bit small but great value for money. They showed English menu if you asked and kindly desscribed the daily specialty. Quite satisfied! Review from tripadAHJ
Ate here twice when I was visiting Fukuoka. They have an English menu, where they have a bunch of numbers next to each cut of meat. In the japanese menu they have those numbers next to a price, those are the ones available that day. That price includes a soup and some rice.I have eaten at a couple dozen steak places in Japan and I would say that the beef is definitely the best I have ever had at the 1500-2500 yen price point. If you are not used to or enjoy the super marbled/fatty beef, order the cheaper leaner cuts, they are still quite soft/marbled compared to what you get in Canada or the US.I would definitely come back here again if I am back in Fukuoka. Review from aregma

#9 Kiwamiya Fukuoka PARCO (Fukuoka City)

The Imari Beef brought in by the staff themselves is the hook of the popularity of “Kiwamiya”. The Hamburger steak, which is the big draw at this restaurant, is carefully prepared by the mixture of Imari beef and other domestic beef with uniquely blended ingredients. They are served in the style to be cooked by you.

Photo by たまごや

I was recommended this restaurant by a friend during my visit to Fukuoka city. This is by far the best restaurant I have been to during my stay in Japan. You order your meal while you wait in line and if your order the set then you get unlimited portions of rice, salad and miso soup. Also you get ice cream for dessert and it is included in the price. The service is incredible and if you don’t mind waiting a little it will be the best experience ever. The small meal set with everything I just mentioned is roughing 11$ or 1240円. Would recommend to anyone visiting Fukuoka City. Review from StarstruckTraveler
Had to queue up but that gave us time to study the English menu which told us how the restaurant operates and tips so we didn’t cause any embarrassing faux pas. It’s really cramped, hot and the fat from the meat splashes everywhere. They provide paper bibs but don’t wear your best shirt. The food is great; high quality beef and tasty sauces. Worth the effort. Review from 911bella

#10 Hakata Motsunabe Yamanaka Honten (Fukuoka City)

Motsunabe was originally introduced as a local cuisine of the vicinity around Fukuoka City. At “Yamanaka”, you can choose the miso taste or soy sauce taste for soup. The Motsunabe at this restaurant is so popular with the carefully selected fresh internal organs of cattle and vegetables and even people who don’t like the internal organs can gobble it up promptly. In the sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, you can enjoy the meal feeling relaxed.

Photo by Lynette0708

I made a mistake that I made the reservation but went to a sushi restaurant with the same name! But eventually we were here. And fortunately we made it, it’s so yummy!! Maybe coz I’m a carnivore:-) the Fukuoka signature motsunabe is really my cup of tea. Beancurd inside is also tasty, and finished by udon, thumbs up! Review from Lynette0708
Family owned restaurant with great atmosphere. Try the local speciaity gyoza, and this is the place to do so. You should also drink alot and go to the mens room, the interior is amazing! Review Petter K

#11 Kayanoya (Hisayama Town)

The restaurant with a solitary country house style is nestled in the natural woodland located in the depths of the mountains surrounded by the clear limpid stream. They offer only the course menu featuring the seasonal ingredients. “Hot pot with 10 different cereals”, stewed with bonito broth in adding pork and vegetables, is nourishing cuisine with rich flavor.

Photo by Shippo2016

We visited here for dinner. This restaurant is located in the mountain village, also far from the parking lot to reach the shop, but it is really fantastic atmosphere. They provide the live music of the sax inside of the restaurant and I enjoyed the meal with wonderful music. Meals are very tasty and I was able to spend a luxurious time.Review from 431grenache

#12 Hyotan Sushi (Fukuoka City)

The famous sushi restaurant to be said, “All Fukuoka people should know Hyotan Sushi”. Getting in the fresh seafood from the Genkainada, each sushi topping is big and satisfactory one. Their specialties such as “Still-alive abalone sashimi”, “Clam miso-soup” and “Crab-meat cream croquette” are so popular. They also have a branch sushi-train restaurant nearby.

Photo by riostoneyumi

Some of the fish based sushi is quite fresh some are just acceptable (eg. Mantis shrimp, horse meat, ika). But I believe that it depend the season, as my previous visit the mantis shrimp (しゃこ) was superfresh. Also, it seems that the English menu has limited list of sushi compare to the Japanese menu as I saw a Japanese client who sat next to me ordered variety of sushi not displayed on the English menu. Staff team was very nice but merely speak English. Anyway, for the price around 2-3000円 this is a must go list. Review from Yospong K
They have English menu which you can request for. I ordered the signature okamase set. If you sit at the counter bar, the chef will made your sushi one by one and will not serve the next sushi until you finish up those in front of you. On the other hand, sushi will come together in one big serving if you sit on normal table. The sushi did taste really good and was very fresh, especially for the abalone sushi which was still moving!! I was so impressed that I insisted to my wife to come here again before we left Fukuoka. Definitely one of the best sushi in Fukuoka and a must try for anyone visiting here. Review from bsuchai

#13 Tempura Hirao (Fukuoka City)

Originated in the fish dealer, this tempura restaurant was started in 1978. Thanks to their roots as fish dealer, the freshness of ingredients is guaranteed. Being loved by local people, they have 5 branch restaurants mainly in Fukuoka City.

Photo by 1012パンダ

Everyone makes their orders via the vending machines – the logistics is very smooth and efficient! The tempura set here is very very delicious! The best tempura I have ever had! Please don’t miss out the appetisers in the big jars – squid, turnip, bean roots, etc!!!Highly recommended! We even consider coming back after visiting on the first day of our trip! Review from Littlefoodmonster

#14 Hagakure Udon (Fukuoka City)

The owner chef, trained in “Udon Taira”, the popular udon restaurant in Hakata, is offering the delicious udon menus. The flat and transparent noodle is well harmonized with the taste of mild soup made with tangle for stock. “Udon with Shrimp tempura” and “Udon with Burdock tempura and meat” are especially popular. Another pleasant point is you can enjoy the meal with only one coin, 500 yen.

Photo by Birneo

The delicious udon noodle in Hakata Style. The noodle with Burdock deep-fried Tempura was their recommendation. The clear broth was perfect temperature and match with the soft udon noodle. I could drink up the broth. Inspiring taste of noodle and soup! Review from Kim01091

#15 Ajinomasafuku Tenjin Core (Fukuoka City)

The good-old diner that serves only set meals. The fish plate, which has a lot of fans with its tastiness, is prepared using the fresh seafood got in on the day in simmering slowly in a soy broth or grilling with sprinkled salt. “Set meal with Nasumiso (Stir fired eggplant with miso) ” and “Set meal with Gindara mirin (Sablefish simmered in soy broth)” are sharing the popularity with customers.

Photo by yasuhiros148

The restaurant’s menu on the wall is today’s recommendation. They offer wonderful set menu with the fresh local seafood as grilled or sashimi. The mackerel with sesame (gomasaba) is so delicious. They also have vegetable menu too. Review from kobeair

#16 Tempura Hirao Kaizuka (Fukuoka City)

The Kaizuka Branch of “Tempura Hirao” introduced as #4 and #13. With the direct operation of every branch, they are maintaining the fine quality equally. Another point attracting the customers is 4 sorts of side dishes such as Ikano Shiokara or Takana on the table, which you can eat for free as much as you can.

Photo by masahi

I went with my family of 5 to this Tempura restaurant. We found the restaurant by accident as it share the same car park as the hotel we stayed. The tempura and free side disk is very tasty. It is certainly a very popular tempura restaurant among the local. World class taste and will not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Plenty of parking.Review from lingky2014

#17 Tomimatsunagiya (Kurume City)

The famous Unagi restaurant getting in the best ingredients in season from the wholesalers including Unagi and rice. The most popular menu is “Seiromushi”. The thick and soft Unagi steamed in bamboo steamer is meltingly soft. The secret sauce, which has been in use for almost 80 years, is slightly sweet.

Photo by mipokko

The restaurant with traditional Japanese style appearance offers super delicious eel steamed with bamboo steamer (Seiro). We enjoyed it in Japanese style room. The side dish “Uzaku”, vinegared unagi was also tasty. Review from Ayasaka

#18 Torita (Fukuoka City)

Hakata local cuisine” Mizutaki” is served here. The combination of chicken broth cooked with fresh chicken and the special golden ponzu (citron and soy sauce) enhances the rich flavor of the chicken meat. With a careful selection of the local ingredients, a la carte menus such as “Gomasaba” and “Toriten” as well as lunch menu are so popular.

Photo by megumi m

This restaurant offers the most delicious “Mizutaki” I’ve ever experienced. My friend visiting Fukuoka asked me to take her to the best place for Mizutaki, and I invited her here. She was completely satisfied! The restaurant’s atmosphere is calm and modern image. As kind staff explains how to cook Mizutaki and no worry for the person who is going to try it for the first time.Review from NyanNyan

#19 Tomozuna (Fukuoka City)

The high-grade Sushi restaurant located on the top of Hotel Hilton Fukuoka Seahawk, offering a selection of 15 sorts of soy sauce as well as 5 sorts of salt in accordance with the sushi toppings. You can enjoy the high-quality sushi reflecting the chef’s skill over admiring the sky, ocean and Fukuoka Town from 123 meters aboveground.

Photo by プライサニー

We only ate here because my wife was tired and wanted to stay in the hotel, and the teppanyaki restaurant was full. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we had an amazing meal here! Service was impeccable, our server Baba was charming, attentive and warm. Truly world class, and by far the best service we’ve had at Hilton Fukuoka Seahawk. Her sake recommendations were excellent, and the food was competently delicious. Definitely worth the visitReview from jd3000
Had a business conference at the Hilton and decided on sushi today, hence this restaurant out of many others at the hotel. Sat at the sushi counter and was presented with 3 lunch sets. They were all of good value at $25, $35 and $45. My colleague had the $25 chirashi set and it looked pleasant enough. My $35 set of sashimi/sashi was also good. Surprised they served salmon sashimi though, thought the Japanese don’t think fondly of this fish. Overall, good food, and better value, 4 stars. Review from bcheong

#20 Udonwasuke (Fukuoka City)

The combination of semitransparent noodle with springy texture and soy sauce flavored broth never allow you to lay down your chopsticks! The popular “Udon with Burdock tempura” has big and crunchy burdock tempuras. As they start to cook after an order is placed, the tempura fresh from the kitchen is hot and crispy.

Photo by 豚の角煮

Everything is tripple A here: from the simple warm interior to the friendly staff. The owner/chef speaks a tiny bit of english – with the help of one of the waitresses – and his genuine hospitality and warm welcome makes up for all the rest.Most important: the food… AMAZING. The chef showed me the noodles before serving saying: “best quality!” – and he is so right: great thick, really silky soft and rich udon noodles. These were the best noodles I have had in Japan. They came with fried eggplant, but you can also go for a variety of vegetable tempura. Just delicious. This place is the best in Fukuoka, if not one of the best in Japan! Review from Tom C

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