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“Kyushu 100” is the project to introduce the fascinations of 100 spots representing Kyushu chosen by traveler’s review. In order to let you know more fascination of Kyushu beyond 100 spots, we introduce the spots for “Eat” ,”Play” and “Stay” of 7 prefectures in ranking order.

Ureshino Onsen, which is said to be good for skin, and Takeo Onsen, which is effective for recovering from fatigue as well as neuralgia, are 2 major onsen hot springs representing Saga Prefecture. From the old times, their name has been famous throughout the nation for their high quality of hot spring water. There is a record that prominent historical figures such as Masamune Date, Musashi Miyamamo, Tadataka Inou and Siebold enjoyed bathing in those onsen hot springs. Mainly with those 2 major onsen hot springs, we will be introducing onsen hot springs in Saga in order of popularity.

Saga Ureshino Spa Taishoya Shiibasanso (Ureshino City)

With a five-minute drive from the streets of Ureshino, you can find “Saga Ureshino Spa Taishoya Shiibasanso” standing quiet and alone in a mountain valley located in a remote and quiet place. “Yama-no-yu”, an in-house bathing room exclusively for the staying guests, has an open-air bath where you can enjoy the perfect sense of space listening to the little stream of Shiibagawa river. There is another large open-air bath “Shiiba-no-yu” which is available for day visitors as well.

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We stayed one night at Shiibasanso (and booked one of the rooms next to the river. Being in the midst of nature is one of the best relaxation one can ask for. Service and food are very good, especially the tofu (must try!). The bath at sister ryokan (Taishoya) is a little disappointing but the one at Seiryuu (2 mins walk up the slope from Shiibasanso is amazing! Review from SwallowTokyo
Shiibasanso is a place where westerners can feel comfortable while gaining a real Japanese style experience. The natural hot springs are wonderful, with indoor and outdoor pools. Guests bathe, in traditional style, in the nude; however for modern sensibilities, there are separate areas for men and women.
There are two dining areas, one for overnight guests which is heavily staffed, and a smaller room (nearer the pools) with self-service tabletop grills available. Review from Paul C

Kaze No Mori (Takeo City)

“Kaze No Mori” is a cottage-style inn with only seven rooms scattered in the forest of about 17,000 square meters. In the guest room, an exceptionally comfortable chair with unique design selected by owner is arranged and all seven rooms have an open-air bath with individually different design. You can feel the high-quality flavor at every corner in this inn.

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Photo by GGHolliday

Different Kaiseki dinner menu were served on the 3 nights, with variety of cooking style of Saga wagyu.The lady staff would prepare the English translation when introducing the dishes to us. Everything was just perfect if you’re looking for nothing to do except relaxation.Review from GGHolliday
Spent one night at this excellent property. There are just 7 villas all with an outdoor hotspring bath. The villas are Western style with a separate living / sleeping areas. The quality of the spring water is very good and the food (dinner & breakfast) is excellent.Review from doobeebaby

Ogiya (Takeo City)

“Ogiya” is the historical Japanese inn founded in 1963. The specialty “Kaiseki Ryori”, a set meal served on individual trays, will surely entertain your stomach and help recover from the fatigue of your journey. Every room has an open-air bath, which allows you to enjoy bathing in a relaxing way whenever you would without those around you.

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The ryokan is a true oasis in a small onsen town. The ryokan is occupying a relatively compact space, beautifully decorated and each room has the utmost privacy. I like that we could have western style beds while the room remains to be Japanese tatami style. Also love that there is separation between bedroom and lounging space where dinner is served, Japanese style. Review from CarolGoes
Each room seems to be fairly separated from the others, so you can’t hear anyone else talking or walking around.The inn is very beautifully decorated, here and there and they pay a lot of attention to detail – the speakers in the waiting room are very good ones with a comfy leather sofa to sit on, while checking in; the soothing, unobtrusive music heading to the bath is a nice touch; the rest area in front of the ladies bath is good for a chat afterwards; the fresh flower displays are always elegant; and the floors are well-polished. Review from Vanessa Y

#4 Onyado Chikurintei (Takeo City)

Set against the cliffs of Mt. Mifune, Mifuneyama Rakuen is a garden spread over a large area filled with 200,000 azalea trees. “Onyado Chikurintei” stands still in the garden. Eleven guest rooms with a unique touch welcome guests with warm hospitality.

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We stayed in Takasago room. This room has a garden and an outdoor (onsen) pool (as in every room in this ryokan). The service and food are impeccable. In addition, this ryokan has a private access to the Mifuneyama Garden, another plus. No wonder it receives top Michelin rating. For foreigners looking for an authetic experience of onsen, this would not disappoint you. Review from SwallowTokyo
This onsen has been visited by various members of the Japanese Royal Family. Perhaps because of that the style of the ryokan is extremely traditional. That applies to the room, the food and the service. The garden and mountain next to the ryokan is very serene. Also drinks by the lakeside after dinner was memorable.Review from doobeebaby

#5 Bansyoukaku Sikisima (Ureshino City)

Led by “Lamp-no-yu”, “Maple tunnel” and Secret home “Kamakura-you”, there are 8 unique open-air baths surrounded by the rich green forest. The thick spring water is effective to make your skin smooth.

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We had a fantastic stay at Bansyoukaku Sikisima. Everything was lined up for a great experience: the staff were welcoming and very attentive, the room was fantastic, food was stellar, and the baths were lovely. We had a room for four people- two western beds and two futons. All were really comfortable. I highly recommend this place and hope to get back there! Review from denverjjm
Our stay at the Bansyoukaku Sikisima Onsen in Ureshino Japan was absolutely fantastic. Ureshino is a 2-3 hour drive from Fukuoka which is the home base during our current trip to Japan and the scenery on the way to the resort was gorgeous.Review from hikarunogo

#6 Taishoya (Ureshino City)

Founded in 1925, this inn makes us fully recognize the beauty of traditional Japanese architecture. The staying guests of “Taishoya” can also enjoy the bathing room of the group inn such as “Spa Seiryu” and “Spa Shiibasanso”. The benefit of free courtesy car is another delightful thing.

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Stayed for one night at this hotel in the center of Ureshino Onsen. Very good spa facility with 2 public baths in the hotel and the 3rd one up on the hill about 10 minutes drive on hotel shuttle bus. Dinner and breakfast were both tasty with varieties of dishes. Review from Vallobh
The hot springs were awesome, well facilitated with all the necessities. The room was huge, but somewhat outdated. It reminded of a room from Showa era. Perhaps that is why the place is called “Taishoya.” The facility provides a shuttle bus to another hot springs area up in the mountains in the afternoon and morning hours. It’s well worth a visit. rReview from teddybear1216

#7 Kanigoten (Tara Town)

Teradake Onsen inn “Kanigoten” is proud of the great view overlooking the Ariake Sea. As the name suggests, the specialty of this inn is Crab (Kani)! You can enjoy the famous “Terasaki Crab” with sweet meat and thick crab batter through 365 days.

Photo by fukuwa

Full seaview in the room like a picture. The room we booked with sofa in front of the window. It’s so relax to sit on the sofa with Chopin music in the room. The best Onsen dinner we had in Japan – Crab, Prawn and Wagyu Beef. It’s a very good place for the city people like us to have a break.
Highly recommend to check in sharp at 3pm to spend more time in room with view and onsen. Review from MarieLJA
Very good and lovely. When I checked in, we got a drink and delicious pudding, the reception explained the environment to us in English clearly. I stayed in the room with full seaview and an in room CD player playing relax music; lady has choice to select Japanese suit at lobby, they have variety patterns for selection, it’s lovely! The spring at the roof have lovely sunrise view. Review from yuenMiranda

#8 Mifuneyama Kanko Hotel (Takeo City)

“Mifuneyama Kanko Hotel” is a high-class hotel which has welcomed the current Emperor and Empress as well as Japan Crown Prince as guests. The large bath and open-air bath where you can enjoy the moisturizing Takeo Onsen hot spring water are open for a day visitor as well. When walking in the hotel ground “Mifuneyama Rakuen” late at night, you will be impressed by beautiful Mifuneyama Mountain with light-up decoration.

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I booked 2 meals 1 night plan through their website. It is in the mountain, you need to drive or get a taxi to go there. We selected “Chef Special Dinner Plan”. The dinner was wonderful, full of surprise. The hotel provides free tickets to Mifuneyama Garden. Feel great to take a walk there. Review from SJnewmom
The best part of the room deal was getting to visit the adjacent gardens which were in full bloom – makes the Master’s golf course look amateurish. What a place….it would be awesome in the fall as well, considering going back with my spouse then. Highly recommended. Review from MTRose

#9 Takeo Century Hotel (Takeo City)

One of the best resort hotels in Saga Prefecture with a blending of Japanese and Western styles. With the Japanese garden, art gallery and pool equipped in the huge hotel ground, this hotel is popular among couples and families. “Takimi-no-yu” filled with Takeo Onsen hot spring water is also available to drop by at.

Photo by エボ太郎

Wonderfully situated near Takeo’s azalea garden, enjoy the views of its private garden or a soak in a real onsen, Japanese bath with natural hot springs water. This hotel is very popular among locals for its reasonably-priced good weekend brunch.Review from agazelle
Located a little distance from the center of town, but it is within walking distance from some of the towns’ attractions, and if you’d like to enjoy some night life, you can easily take a taxi to and from. Review from Chappy

#10 Kasuien (Ureshino City)

“Kasuien” is the latest inn around Ureshino hot springs area. In addition to the large in-house bath, there is an absolutely famous “Open-air bath in the sky” on the 9th floor. You can enjoy the prime bath time overlooking Ureshino City in the daytime, a crimson cloud at sunset and beautiful stars at night.

Photo by ヒゲジーさん

This 9 storey hotel has a public onsen at the roof as well as at the basement. The onsens are gender separated and built in contemporary style (like shallow swimming pools). The set meals are excellent and do try the local Saga beef, amazing! Review from Calvinta
Every staff is so kind and we enjoyed the comfortable stay. Especially high-quality hot spring water made my skin so smooth. The open-air bath on the top floor is recommendable for early morning or sunset time. Review from jyatsunami

Every spot of “Kyushu 100” chosen by travelers is full of fascination. Now, let’s go and experience 100 spots chosen by travelers!

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