[Kyushu 100] Oita Gourmet Spot Top 20

“Kyushu 100” is the project to introduce the fascinations of 100 spots representing Kyushu chosen by traveler’s review. In order to let you know more fascination of Kyushu beyond 100 spots, we introduce the spots for “Eat” ,”Play” and “Stay” of 7 prefectures in ranking order.

Led by famous “Sekiaji (Horse mackerel)” and “Sekisaba (Mackerel)”, Oita offers a variety of rich seafood. Undoubtedly, including fresh sashimi and sushi, please enjoy Tendon or Kamameshi as well. Furthermore, don’t miss the winery restaurant on a highland or popular cake-buffet cafe surrounded by the nature of Aso, where “beautiful scenery” could be another feast. Here are Oita’s popular restaurants in ranking order you should visit.

Tomonaga Panya (Beppu City)

Founded in 1916, this bakery shop reminding us of the good old days has been loved by local people. It is continuously drawing customers with the simple and gentle taste such as bean-jam bun (anpan) or melon-flavored bun sold at a cheap price.

Photo by regggie3

Photo by regggie3

An old fashioned bakery that can bring most middle-aged Japanese back to 1960’s to 70’s. Anpan(bread with red-bean paste) right out of the oven is simply heavenly. It’s cheap but it tastes much better than any expensive breads. Review from yuichik521

Tenjosajiki (Yufu City)

The café in the Kamenoi-Besso, a high-class Japanese inn located in Yufuin Onsen. The building, moved from the sake brewery founded in Edo era, has a retro atmosphere. The specialty is “Mon Yufu”, the sweet made of cream cheese with the image of Yufudake (Mt. Yufu) covered by snow.

Photo by cocopafu623

Photo by aoitagitach11

Nice cosy ambience and coffee. Cakes were not bad – had a good fig compote which was a seasonal special. Would be great if it had a view of the lake which is a 1 min walk away. Review from skywalk7

Kamesho Kurukuru Sushi (Beppu City)

With the big and fresh seafood ingredients for sushi as well as preferable cost performance, the sushi shop is doing a flourishing business to have a line of customers in front. You can enjoy Sekisaba and Sekiaji with Sushi. Another beneficial point is a self-service Miso-soup, which you can enjoy as much as you like.

Photo by ディープ産駒

Photo by wongtaikwan

The Toro is amazing! The best I’d ever had. Very fresh sushi and wonderful atmosphere. Love all the plates we had. Prices are fantastic and you can’t go wrong with the steamed egg. Friendly staff and also private lot to park. Review from Wonno

#4 Yufuin Milch (Oita City)

They are selling special sweet made of 100% milk from Yufuin. The highly recommended item is “Käse Kuchen”, a warm cup cheesecake hot from the oven. You will be addicted by its fluffy and melting texture.


The Store cheesecake excellent quality award in Yufuin. If you arrive here, you have to wait in line to buy . “Kase Kuchen hot or cold “120 yen. Cheese cake hot is very tasty … if I was standing in front of a hot oven. Another mythical shop with delicious Yufuin.Review from Phatcha K

#5 Senya (Hita City)

The specialty of this restaurant is “Hita Mabushi”, boiled rice mixed with Japanese grilled eel. Please enjoy the various tastes in adding the 4 sorts of spices/condiments and in pouring the soup stock at the end of the dish.

Photo by こばじょん

Worth to try! Put more sauce add the green onions and radish.. It’s so….0 good! You might see the line in front but.. It fast.. Dont worry.. The eel bone is salty but is good especially when you have it with a beer.. I definitely will come back for this place. Review from Cherry P

#6 Eitaro (Beppu City)

Located in the Onsen Ryokan Shiosai-no-Yado Harumi, they offer the tasty Japanese food using the fresh seafood. You can enjoy “Seafood Kamameshi (rice boiled with seafood in a small pot) set” or “Tensashi (Tempura & Sashimi) set” at lunchtime. The price of dinner Kaiseki (set menu) is also reasonable, starting from 2,940 yen.

Photo by GGHolliday

Dinner course at Eitarou, Seikai Hotel, is probably the best I had during my trip. I posted most of the menu photos in my Seikai hotel review, so you can check them out there. The course is a little pricey, but compared to the quality, the taste and the service, it’s really a good deal. Review from 101Trips

#7 Nicol (Yufu City)

The café is in the famous Ryokan in Yufuin onsen Tamanoyu. The specialty is “Apple pie” baked with plentiful thin-sliced apple. Recommended to visit at earlier time before the specialty would be sold out.

Photo by 雨宮

Small quaint shop and has variety of donuts. Also has good coffee and nice music to sit for relaxation. We tried the chocolate donuts which is pretty good. Review from Szewee1968

#8 Seafood Kaisen Izutsu (Beppu City)

Please enjoy the fresh and tasty seafood menu made of the catch of the day. Various menus from a la carte to a set menu are prepared. The recommendation is Kaisendon, the vinegar rice bowl covered by abundant fresh seafood.

Photo by ayaaana

Everything is right. So fresh fish, you can almost see your fish swimming in the small basins next to the entrance. So modest and friendly people. Also sidedishes, that belong to the menu, as tahu, misosoup are excellent and so fresh, we had nowhere before. And open on the sunday we visited the restaurant. Only hard to find.Review from Ad W

#9 Toyotsune (Beppu City)

The special voluminous Tendon, with 2 large shrimp tempuras rising on the rice bowl and 4 sorts of vegetable tempuras, is the big draw at this restaurant. Additionally, you can enjoy a variety of menus made with fresh seafood from Bungo Suido.

Photo by まつこす

Not hard to see why this little gem is at the top of the list for Beppu restaurants. They have some of the best tempura I have ever had, plus sashimi and all sorts of other delicious things. You can order a combination of all of them complete with tea and miso for under Y2000. The portions are very generous and it’s really fantastic value. We were the only tourists in there when we went and the style is very authentic (sitting on the floor on tatami mats). Great selection of sake and other Japanese wines too. We will go again tonight! Review from Stuart_c_Taylor

#10 Amamidyaya (Beppu City)

Please enjoy the local sweets such as “Yaseuma” made of hand-pulling dumpling or “Bungo Zenzai”. Also they offer the local cuisine “Dango jiru” (dumpling soup) with which you can meet the authentic Oita taste of the good old days.

Photo by 金城檸檬

In this old-fashioned teahouse, I enjoyed the delicious sweet at reasonable price. You can also enjoy the good meal too. Inside is pretty spacious, and the parking space is wide enough. The staff made me feel so good. Review from bassaT

#11 Tan’s Bar (Yufu City)

The bar is in the famous Ryokan in Yufuin onsen Sanso Murata. The bar time in the evening is open exclusively for the staying guests and restaurant guests, however everybody can enjoy the teatime in the daytime. Swiss roll named “P roll” is popular.

Photo by sleepingmaimai

The ambiance is very relaxed. My wife and I opted for seats in front of the fireplace. We drank some high end Yamazaki and Hakushu Japanese whiskey. Though there were maybe 9-10 other guests, it was very quiet. We could barely hear anything except for the passing by of another guest or the crackling of the fire. This is a great place to go and just chill out and enjoy a fine beverage. Review from roikiller

#12 Kami Fusen Chuomachi (Oita City)

Recommended for the person who wants to enjoy Oita local meal together with alcohol. Led by the famous local cuisines such as “Ryukyu”or “Dango Jiru”, there are various menus including authentic Japanese dishes as well as original dishes. As the price is reasonable, no worry even after you would be full.

Photo by りく@ゆ

Sekiaji (horse mackerel), Sekisaba (mackerel) and Ryukyu took me to heaven. Many other dishes were also great at the cheap price and we visited here next day again. Highly recommended to make a reservation. Review from nokonoko102

#13 Owadazushi (Beppu City)

The superb Sushi restaurant with high reputation from the local peoples. They also offer Sekiaji and Sekisaba, the finest brand fishes in Oita. If you have no idea what you should order, a set of sushi made of local seasonal fishes representing Oita is recommended.

Photo by Jeab J

The traditional style & non-touristy feel had us try it without hesitance & it turned out we ate one of the best sushi we have ever had! The freshness of the fish, coupled with the generous mouth-filling portion, every bite is heavenly! We went back 2 days in a roll & would have done it everyday had we stay longer in Beppu. Thumbs up! Review from cliffman33

#14 Yufumabushi Shin (Yufu City)

The specialties are “Unagi Mabushi”, “Bungo Gyu Mabushi” and “Jidori Mabushi”, cooked rice with charcoal-barbecued eel, beef and chicken respectively in a clay pot. At the end, please try pouring the soup stock over the rice.

Photo by hisadaitaku

Delicious and authentic chicken beef and eel rice in clay pots. We stumbled on the restaurant and it turned out to be the best meal we had in yufuin. Beef and chicken were tender and juicy but beautifully scorched and tasty on the outside. One of the best things we ate in our vacation. Don’t miss it.Review from skywalk7

#15 Kukuchi (Yufu City)

The nice-view café overlooking Mt. Yufu from the terrace seats, which offers the Kuchi Original Curry made with specially blended spices as well as Shiratama Anmitsu Set made with homemade rice-flour dumplings and dark morasses. Additionally, you can enjoy the unique drink menu such as Kabosu Citrus Honey Juice.

Photo by mipokko

This modern stylish café is so comfortable. The curry tastes good. I usually enjoy the drinks in the terrace with a nice view. Review from KIMJUNGMIN

#16 Cafe la Ruche (Yufu City)

Located adjacent to MARC CHAGALL Yufuin Kinrinko Museum. You can enjoy at this place as you like such as breakfast or lunch admiring the view of Kinrinko Lake or teatime with home-made cake in elegant way.

Photo by ステッチ

The breakfast here was fantastic! for about 1,000¥ we got a full breakfast set with coffee, eggs, yogurt, toast, and salad. Everything was fresh and the coffee was excellent. Individual items on the menu seemed a bit pricier, but for the location, the atmosphere, and the view it was fantastic! The cafe terrace is right next to Kinrinko lake.Review from klawhit

#17 Chez Tani (Kuju Town)

The café stands calmly in the nature of Aso. The cake buffet, which allows you to enjoy almost 20 sorts of fresh cakes within 90 minutes, attracts many sweet lovers. Baumkuchen, which is ideal for the souvenirs, is one of their specialties.

Photo by 福ふくちゃん

The view at this cafe is amazing. The cakes here are really good too. Drinks are self service, i.e. packet teabags and coffee from a machine, so drinks were not fantastic. Overall, still can’t really complain. Its a great place to come and relax. Review from 555_travel

#18 Inaka-an (Yufu City)

You can enjoy the perfect harmony created by the combination of hand-pulling noodle made with the natural salt from Okinawa, homemade broth containing stock and local ingredients. The most popular menu is “Goboten Udon” where the flavor of Gobo (burdock root) Tempura is melted. Don’s miss it in Oita.

Photo by phovolwoo

Umm… I couldn’t find anything wrong from this place. Udon and Soba are both quite delicious with quite good portion. You can wait to be served to your table during any busy season, probably up to 40 min. But once you sit and order, your food will be ready quite soon. Tempura were also very nice. Review from phovolwoo

#19 Kujuu Winery Ishigama Studio (Takeda City)

The restaurant operated by the winery in the highland. Please enjoy a variety of pizzas cooked in the stone oven, Italian dishes made with highland vegetables and homemade wines in the terrace seats commanding the vineyard or other terrace seats covered by the roof of grapes.

Photo by aoitagitach11

Surrounded by vast vineyards in the plateau adjacent to the wine factory, this restaurant stands. Anyway pizza is delicious and the level of other dishes is pretty high. In winter, it may be difficult to access due to the snow. Review from townwatching

#20 Nakatsu Karaage Moriyama Manda Main Store (Nakatsu City)

Karaage, deep-fried chicken shop. The secret of the delicious taste is hiding in the original marinating sauce in which salt, ginger and homegrown garlic are blended. You can take out the fried chicken or eat in the dining space.

Photo by ヨシィー

I truly believe that Moriyama’s Karaage(Fried Chicken) is the best “Karaage” in Nakatsu city,which has the largest number of the fried chicken shops in nationwide. The skin is crunchy while meat is juicy. Review from Maki H

Every spot of “Kyushu 100” chosen by travelers is full of fascination. Now, let’s go and experience 100 spots chosen by travelers!

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*The information about the facilities that are closed as of August 2016, is also included. For details such as re-opening time, please contact each facility.