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“Kyushu 100” is the project to introduce the fascinations of 100 spots representing Kyushu chosen by traveler’s review. In order to let you know more fascination of Kyushu beyond 100 spots, we introduce the spots for “Eat” ,”Play” and “Stay” of 7 prefectures in ranking order.

Oita Prefecture is an undisputed “Onsen Paradise” boasting No. 1 positions in both the number of hot-spring sources and yield of hot water. It is known that many visit Oita simply to enjoy making the rounds of hot springs. Beppu Onsen with its lively onsen town atmosphere, Yufuin Onsen dotted with the most luxurious Japanese inns, hot-spring areas full of rustic charms … Whatever your favorite type, you can find one or more in Oita. Here is a list of recommendable onsen spots in ranking order, which have been made famous by word of mouth.

Yamashiroya (Yufu City)

Yamashiroya is a longstanding hot-spring cure establishment in Hirayu Onsen. Its proud open-air bath “Benten-no-yu” uses for its tub logs that have been soaked in hot-spring water for ten days, which was created by Mr. Shikanosuke Aso, who is a master creator of open-air onsen bath.

Photo by Frogslide

Photo by 진숙 전

This place was dreamy! 4 private baths to choose from and so much of the best food!! It’s so beautiful there! They were the best people and so friendly! If you’re ever in Japan you must go there! Especially if you’re in the Oita area, i can’t even express how great it was. Very affordable too! If the idea of eating all day and bathing in nice private tubs sounds good to you then do it!! Review from Frogslide

Seikai (Beppu City)

Standing on a beachside location, this hot-spring inn enjoys a breathtaking view of Beppu Bay from the bath. “Shiosai-no-yu” bath on the first floor is so close to the sea that it is often called “an onsen at 0 meter above sea level” with the view of the sea at hand. On fine days, the “Shoyo-no-yu” bath on the eighth floor commands Shikoku Island in the distance. At night, Shikoku’s twinkling lights can be observed beyond the sea.

Photo by 101Trips

Photo by Krit M

This hotel is right beside the sea. Once arrive by car they will run up and help with your bags and open a car space for you to park. Check in as lots of people said sitting facing the sea and all checkin done for you. Room are big and clean.(I stayed in the L room) The onsen in room is so nice facing the sea and outdoor. Onsen water very hot. The meals were top standard fresh ingredients. 7-11 5mins walk away. Even tho a bit pricy but worth it. Review from HKMIKEL

Hana Beppu (Beppu City)

The “Japanese modern” structure of this hot-spring inn was designed with ladies’ typical taste in mind. The large bath for women a micro-bubble bath and a sauna based on nanomist that is created from natural hot spring using a special technology. Get both beauty and relaxation there! The open-air baths, separated by gender, are illuminated at night to create a fantastic atmosphere.

Photo by jd3000

Photo by AumRw

Love this hotel. Everything is very new and clean. I saw the hotel staff wiping the wheels of our luggage. Food was delicious, beautifully presented and the kids meals were to my kids’ liking also. There were many options available on their Japanese website and I think the prices are lower. We checked the options and use google translate and email them to confirm our understanding. Payment was upon checkout.Review from chaosy

#4 Ryu no Hige (Yufu City)

Here, all guest rooms are equipped with an onsen bath of its own, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Mt. Yufudake. There are two springs gushing out within the site of the inn: one weak acid and the other weak alkaline. The two types of hot water are mixed together to give enhanced effects and enjoyment.

Photo by かれんくん

The hotel is located up in the mountain about 10 minutes drive from Yufuin Station. Excellent hospitality from all staff. Chef creation with finest local Kyushu products served in a private dining room. Room is clean and well equipped with a private Onsen. Worth every dollar spent. Definitely will stay with them again. Review from Otto P

#5 Itsuki (Yufu City)

Itsuki is dotted with guest villas each with its own design under the theme: “Japanese modern.” Each villa has a uniquely designed semi-open-air bath or an indoor bath, allowing you to relieve your fatigue in a purely private, relaxing environment.

Photo by JoshWen

This hotel is the most wonderful hotel during my Kyushu trip. Excellent room facilities (modern, new, comfortable). Excellent food (especially the impressive decorated dish – city in winter), beef…. etc in dinner and the breakfast is wonderful too … even the bread, jam…. Appreciated the hotel prepared a yummy strawberry cake for celebrating our wedding anniversary. Love this hotel so much and must stay again at next trip. Review from Cecily C

#6 Yawaraginosato Yadoya (Yufu City)

Yodoya features a completely barrier-free structure — no difference in level from the entrance through to guest rooms — which is friendly with guests of all ages. In addition, there are three open-air baths available only on a reservation basis, such as “Yawaragi-no-yu” with a view of Mt. Yufudake, and the caldron-shaped “Goemon-no-yu.” Of course, there is a large communal bath and a family-use bath.

Photo by BENNYLAU2013

We decided to book this hotel on a whim because it was recommended by Asia Miles. And we weren’t disappointed at all! It was a bit far from the train station but we got to see all the sights. If you have small luggage that you can roll it might be worth it to just walk there and do some sight seeing at the same time. It’s a traditional Ryokan style hotel with excellent service. The personnel there spoke English well enough to really make us feel welcome. They gave us a lot of free souvenirs when we got there with a bunch of those souvenirs going to my daughter. The rooms are very clean and beds very comfy. You can also book the private Onsen’s and I wish I could go back there now for a dip. I recommend this hotel very much. Review from Ethan M

#7 Yadoya Ohashi (Yufu City)

Yadoya Ohashi is a hideaway-like inn located in a superb natural environment. All guest rooms are villa-type, each equipped with an open-air bath and indoor bath of its own, allowing you to monopolize — 24 hours a day — the pure hot water continuously flowing in from the spring source of Yufuin Onsen.

Photo by BrandonAshin

The place with nice view right in front of the mountain, friendly staff, dinner was great with A5 beef, the room is very spacious, things are in great details. You can book them to bring you to & from JR station, difficult to walk here. I really enjoyed staying in this place.
If you wanna find a place for relaxation & escape from the city, this is definitely your choice! Review from tvong

#8 Yufu Ryouchiku (Yufu City)

There are two each of open-air baths and indoor baths, which are available on a reservation basis. You can enjoy any of these baths at any time around the clock. The hot water welling up from spring source within the inn’s site is soft and comfortable.

Photo by TakeTetsu

I was on a honeymoon trip and decided to book this place for one night in Yufuin. The price is quite expensive so I admitted my expectation is quite high. As we arrived we were greeted politely from the staff from the first step. The staff can barely speak English but they were trying their best to explain everything to you. They have 2 outdoor onsens and when you’re using the onsen you can just flip the sign to “occupied”. They also have indoor baht as well. Dinner was served in the room with 12-course kaiseki dinner which last for almost 2 hours!! This is very impressive and delicious. Futons were comfortable. Location is in the middle of Yufuin so it’s very convenient. Highly recommend! Review from pookapinya

#9 Hotel Umine (Beppu City)

Hotel Umine has a Tembo-bur or a fine-view bath on the uppermost floor, which commands the view of downtown Beppu City with its numerous steamy fumes, and shimmering lights of fishing boats on the Beppu Bay at night. Indulge yourself in 100% pure hot-spring water direct from the source while feeling breezes from the sea. Each one of the guest rooms is complete with a semi-open-air bath.

Photo by LimKahChuan

Stayed one night at their 90m2 guest room. With private semi open hot spring. Free drinks in fridge. Food are wonderful. Diner has a choice of Teppanyakii and traditional Japanese kaiseki diner. I only tried the kaiseki diner this time. Also free to use the public hot spring. Only a few staff speak English. Hotel nearby JR station and North Bus station. Will come again. Review from catchau

#10 Shimizu Ryokan (Yufu City)

What makes this ryokan inn famous is its “Large Bath in Cave.” Surrounded 360 degrees with natural rocks, bathing here is an unforgettable experience — the sound of water drops sliding down rock surfaces enhances the mystic mood. An open-air bath easily reachable from the cave bath is where you can feel spaciousness while enjoying a fine view of a Japanese garden.

Photo by ChuJoe

Excellent. Magical onsen in caves. Warm and cosy and private. A private bath is available for couples. Food is perfect. Very Japanese experience. Staff are welcoming and kind. I feel relaxed and rested. Town is beautiful. My advice is to stay two nights. Review from spiceylulu

#11 Sanso Murata (Yufu City)

All the guest rooms here are villas, most of which are old farmhouse structures transferred from their original places and rebuilt here. Each villa has an onsen bath of its own. Though they are indoor baths, each has a large window that makes you feel as if enjoying an open-air bath.

Photo by ケメ子

Mortgage your home and spend one night to experience the best onsen ever. The room, service and food are without doubt the best I have ever experienced. This is not a cheap Ryokan but if you can justify the expense treat yourself to real luxury. All the villas have a private onsen and offer either western beds or Japanese tatami rooms. You can select your room from the website with pricing dependent on room size and number of guests in each villa. Review from Pjacko

#12 Musouen (Yufu City)

The “Gomuso-no-yu” open-air bath for male guests has a space equivalent to 100 tatami mats while the “Kukai-no-yu” open-air bath is a surprising 150 tatami mats. The inn stands on an elevated location, allowing guests to enjoy a superb view of Mt. Yufudake and the Yufu Basin while bathing in these open-air baths.

Photo by non東京

Oita is known for the millions of hot spring ryokans and Musouen in Yufuin is a very nice ryokan in this onsen town. The food (dinner) is great but the baths, especially the roten-buro or the outside baths are unbelievable. Yufuin was not famous until recent time but the onsen village is now known as one of the most popular in Japan Review from KSK1585

#13 Onyado Yukimiso (Takeda City)

Nicknamed “Ramune Onsen,” Yukimiso is where you can enjoy the hot water from Nagayu Onsen, one of Japan’s most famous carbonate springs. The hot water continuously flowing in from the source is relatively smooth to the skin. Enjoy the pleasant feeling after a soak.

Photo by sarrymaria

This a substantial traditional ryokan in a beautiful country setting with rice fields and farms. Charcoal wooden features, clean clean rooms. Onsen with healing soft carbonated water. Beer drinking in Onsen is allowed. Yay. Skin is glowing. Friendly staff. The highlight was our bangohan (evening rice or meal). 10 courses including asparagus soup, beef cooked at the table by us, tiny vegetable morsels favourite was cauliflower with a cheesy sauce. Very suitable for a tentative Japanese food enthusiast. Pumpkin cake with tiny fruit pieces at the conclusion of the feast was amazing. If you are in the mood for a peaceful contemplative well looked after break (with free and fast wifi) try Onyado Yukimiso. Review from spiceylulu

#14 Yamadaya (Yufu City)

Yamadaya offers a variety of baths, such as a garden bath surrounded by refreshing verdure and baths available on a reservation basis. Unique is the “Taro-no-yu” that can be used by male and female guests in turns according to time zones. The inn is a two-story structure: an indoor bath on the first floor and an open-air bath on the second floor that commands a fine view of Mt. Yufudake.

Photo by トリップアドバイザー チャイナの会員

We had a wonderful time in this little Ryokan. It’s located by a river and easy to find by using our phone. Our room was on the second floor and had the view facing Mount Yufu. My room did not have private osen but there was one indoor osen next to my room. You can use it privately by locking from inside.Food was good and we especially liked the breakfast, The service at Yamadaya ryokan is impeccable and thoughtful. Mr Sato in the reception speaks good English and we had no problem throughout although other staff did not speak English. Hotel was reasonably priced too – highly recommended! Review from kassi88

#15 Kaede no Shoja (Yufu City)

At this hot-spring inn, all the guest rooms are cottages each with an indoor bath, an open-air bath and even a rock-bathing unit. A foot-only-bath cottage can be found in the Japanese garden that you can use while strolling.

Photo by Joe_Chan_HK

This ryokan has only five rooms (cottages). Our cottage fits 2 people comfortably. There are two private onsens in room (indoor and outdoor). Also, there is a hot stone sitting area to relax in the bathing area. The foods are delicious both dinner and breakfast. The beef with foie gras dish is really tasty. The only drawback is the place is a little bit far from the central Yufuin and the check in time is 16:00 pm sharp. We would definitely stay here again for our next visit to Yufuin. Review from Lollipops26

#16 Yufuin Tamanoyu (Yufu City)

For separated use by gender, each of the large communal baths has an indoor bath and an open-air bath. Just relax and enjoy a soak in the colorless, transparent hot water while enjoying the refreshingly bright natural setting surrounded by a grove.

Photo by azul17

You cannot find a nicer onsen ryokan in the Kyushu Island. The place was beautiful, well managed and the most modern, with 17 rooms. Our suite was huge, a tatami sitting room (for sleep if one prefers), a western style bed room, a large bath room with a separate toilet, a shower and private onsen, and a closed in porch overlooking a private backyard. Our meals were elaborate, perfectly executed, and served by impeccable and attentive staffs. The library room, size of a large cabin, was wonderful that we could enjoy afternoon and evening coffee, tea and sweets; and in addition, a great public onsen. Two blocks from the main shopping area. There was nothing more we could have asked for. Review from JPDallas

#17 Ryokan Yuri (Yufu City)

Ryokan Yuri is an inn of modest size with nine guest rooms in total. An open-air and an indoor bath are available. The open-air bath can be used on a reservation basis, the spacious tub of which is a vantage point allowing you to monopolize the splendid view of Mt. Yufudake.

Photo by Natto L

Staff were friendly and put in effort in explaining the facilities of the ryokan. The day we arrived the onsens can be reserved to use privately by each room for the night, so since we have 2 rooms, we were able to book a longer time period which worked out great for us. The outdoor bath has a better view but indoor is good for winter time. Staff had recommended a great udon place nearby.
Breakfast was a great spread in a private dining room with a fantastic morning view. Overall it was a great stay, highly recommendedReview from cliffapple

#18 Yufuin Gettoan (Yufu City)

You can enjoy a relaxing soak in an open-air bath while viewing the soaring Mt. Yufudake just before your very eyes. Bathing at night is bound to be romantic as it is rewarded with the sky full of stars. Each one of the guest rooms is provided with an open-air bath of its own, so you can enjoy onsen bathing without being bothered by other guests.

Photo by 84071

We stayed in the deluxe wing for one night and it was fantastic. The accommodation was excellent, the location was secluded and quiet in the mountains above the town. However, the highlight of the stay was definitely the food. One of the best Kaiseki meals I’ve ever had. Review from theovanightsensation

#19 Okamotoya (Beppu City)

Okamotoya features an open-air bath in a spacious 3,300 sq. meter Japanese garden that is graced with flowers (like azaleas) season by season. As if harmonizing with the surrounding greenery, the color of the hot water is bluish milky white, which is often compared to that of celadon porcelain. The water is soft and gentle to the skin.

Photo by にてん

Traditional “ryokan” where you sleep on the floor in a futon with an old rustic feel but you can tell they’ve kept it up well. We chose a room with a private bath but of course you can’t miss the spacious public ones (men and women are separated) to stretch out a bit as well as their outdoor one. For dinner, which was served in their dining area, we chose their seasonal sashimi set – I can’t remember how many courses there were, they look small and so innocent but we were so full we could barely finish the final rice and miso soup which we asked for just enough for 1 bite. The course also included a cute little single portion of beef shabushabu per person. The dessert was their famous “hell-steamed” custard pudding which we enjoyed in our room, after our delicious meal settled in. Breakfast was a traditional Japanese style, also served in the dining room, which had a nice view and jazz music playing softly – we loved this contrast.Review from takamidayon

#20 Hatago Kayausagi (Hita City)

There are two types of large baths: the indoor-only “Yyragi-yu” and the “Iwana” offering both an indoor and open-air baths. Each of the large baths can be used by turns (on a daily basis) by male and female guests. The hot water from Kotohira Onsen renowned for its soft and gentle quality is sure to relax both the body and mind.

Photo by joannekei

I really loved my stay at this ryokan. It’s my second time at this ryokan and I will definitely return!
The food and their complimentary drink (a house brewed yuzu liquer) was amazing. I had some of the best food in Japan right here at this ryokan. We got an individual room with two private onsens (one outdoor and one indoor). It was very comfortable and relaxing. We didn’t even want to leave the room.Review from moy761

#21 Mebaeso (Yufu City)

What makes Mebaeso attractive is its open-air bath that commands a fine view of Mt. Yufudake soaring beyond a grove. Two baths that can be used on a reservation basis are also available. Its creative Japanese banquet cuisine using special rice (based on environment-friendly rice-duck farming), free-range chicken, river fish and other superb ingredients is also a must.

Photo by Kanya K

When you arrive Yufuin , you can use public phone call to hotel and they will pick you up at yufuin station because hotel is far from station.They have private onsen and room for 6 persons. Dinner are awesome, delicious. Breakfast also delicious. Private onsen are good. Review from Kanya K

#22 Ikkoten (Yufu City)

Here, each of the eight villas has a semi-open-air bath. A relaxing soak while listening to murmurs of a stream is a truly soothing experience. At some villas, you can bath while enjoying a magnificent view of Mt. Yufudake.

Photo by solelevante

1. Service by staff..polite and helpful. One staff speaks english well and was warm and friendly. Dinner menu was translated in english as well.
2. Room was beautifully decorated with just the right antiques and quaint furniture with relaxing music. Color scheme was calming and elegant. Our room had a private onsen with a view of the trees..sublime.
3. They allow children (our last ryokan had a no child policy under 10years old)..although there is a charge just for their stay (around 35dollars per child). Food is extra. They left cute small hangers and toothbrush set for the children.
4. For dinner and breakfast: every dish was a work of art in presentation and taste. Coordination and arrangment of the food and delictae plates always..perfect..only in Japan!
5. You can also reserve and use the larger outdoor onsen for you and your family with a magnificent view of the moutain. A nice thoughtful touch.
6. The staff leave you alone to freely walk about the property and sit and just enjoy. Review from JH8080

#23 Sanso Warabino (Yufu City)

Here, a corridor is provided in the inner garden, which is dotted with guest room villas, ten in all. Each villa has a semi-open-air bath introducing hot water from the source. In addition, there is a large, communal open-air bath. Enjoy the hot water, soft and gently to the skin, to your heart’s content.

Photo by neota

What more can I say? I have stayed in various ryokan across Japan and this is one of the best. The location is convenient yet quiet. The private onsen in the room is totally relaxing and looking at the snow falling while indulging in the onsen itself bring one to be in perfect harmony with nature. The scenery is charming, rustic and it is so peaceful that it is surreal. It helps one to discover his inner self and it is a perfect place to relax after spending a day in Yufuin town. The kaiseiki meal is awesome and very filling and delicious. Staying here enable one to be fully appreciative of Japanese culture and tradition. After onsen, having a sip of Japanese green tea while reading a nice novel is a perfect way to end the day. A truly wonderful rustic Japanese experience. Perfect harmony with nature and self. Review from Terence L

#24 Sanso Murata (Yufu City)

This is where you can enjoy a stay in one of the various old farmhouses transferred here from various parts of Japan, or one of many modern villas. Old and new, and Japanese and Western. No matter what your taste may be, you will be welcomed by this environment where a variety of tastes exist in harmony. It is located in a nature-rich environment at the foot of Mt. Yufudake.

Photo by SILW

Ryokan is built inside the mountain. We only stay one night. 3 persons staying at a 8 pax guest house – the house is converted from a 100 years+ farm house. Very luxury but it was the only one left for that night. Has its own Japanese coal burning fire place and also own private hot spring. Delicious diner and breakfast (both Western and Japanese) served in a private room inside the main building. Can preorder their famous B-speak egg roll upon arrival.Review from catchau

#25 Kamenoi Besso (Yufu City)

Kamenoi Besso is in a riverside location in the Yufuin Basin. Its origin dates back to the early 20th-century Taisho Period. It has developed into accommodations consisting of six rooms (in the main building) and 15 villas laid out in a large 99,000 sq.-meter Japanese garden as you can see today.

Photo by Karn C

Kamennoi besso is one of the best luxury ryokan in Japan. It is also one of the first ryokan which revitalized Yufuin and made Yufuin famous as in today.Its interior and Japanese garden are perfectly beautiful beyond a word can explain. It makes you suddenly forgot that you are in a 21th century. It is like a dream that you were in Japan in Meiji era. The experience is really worth the money that you pay.Another great thing is their authentic Japanese cuisine. I had a fantastic 11 courses dinner here. Many exotic dishes that hard to find even in Japan. Sushi of many exotic fishes, very fresh uni, matsuska beef, grilled matsutake mushroom soup, and many more. I also asked the staff to pair sake for me and I got Fukuoka sake which matched perfectly with the cuisine. Review from Karn C

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