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“Kyushu 100” is the project to introduce the fascinations of 100 spots representing Kyushu chosen by traveler’s review. In order to let you know more fascination of Kyushu beyond 100 spots, we introduce the spots for “Eat” ,”Play” and “Stay” of 7 prefectures in ranking order.

Champon noodles, Sara-udon fried noodles and Castella sponge cake are famous, but that’s not all Nagasaki has to offer. Sasebo, a naval base city, is known for Sasebo burgers and lemon steaks. Shimabara Peninsula and Iki Island have a variety of local dishes and snacks. Nagasaki has a wealth of good food for every palate, both Japanese and foreign, regardless of old or new. Here, we will introduce gourmet spots in Nagasaki in the order of popularity.

Garçon Ken (Nagasaki City)

This is a casual bistro located in Dejima. Visitors can see Western-style houses of Dejima from the window to experience unique exoticism of Nagasaki. Be it a reasonable lunch or an intimate dinner overlooking illuminations of Dejima, Garçon Ken is highly recommended.

Photo by Edoardo V

Photo by 天然ちゃりんこ

This dinner was one of the best on our trip. The restaurant is small – maybe no more than 5 tables so remember to make a reservation. Ken greeted us at the door and ran through the menu which was short but covered everything. The atmosphere was fascinating – red tables set up in a small room with trams buzzing by one window and people walking past the other. The pasta and pork dish were delicious. Review from Canberra_Traveller

Osakaya Hamamachiten (Nagasaki City)

This is a high-end Korean barbecue restaurant serving A5-rank (synonymous to the best-quality) Kuroge Wagyu beef. You can enjoy their first-rate lean or marbled meat to your heart’s content. They also offer more affordable all-you-can-eat courses.

Photo by TSUI659

This place gave me one of the best meals in my life and by far the best yakiniku. I lived in Japan for years and have had Kobe beef many times but this surpassed it. It’s shockingly good and completely worth the hefty price tag. The only thing you should be aware of is that the English menu doesn’t indicate whether some meats are sashimi (eaten raw), which while amazing, might turn some people off (it shouldn’t though!). So if that’s you, you should ask first. They have English speaking-ish waiters as well. Seriously phenomenal food. Review from global_teach

Char-Grilled Yakitori Torimasa Ebisu (Nagasaki City)

Each skewer of chicken is carefully grilled over charcoal fire. The interior is subtle and elegant, unlike many Yakitori restaurants. You can choose to be seated at the counter or in a private room with a sunken floor (for the comfort of your legs), depending on your mood.

Photo by Krittika W

Photo by Sarah L

Went here after reading about it on trip advisor, and i can agree with what people say about it. The food is very nice. I like that you see the cook grilling all the yakitori. It is shame though that only the grilled food portion on the menu is translated in english because i am shure the rest is equally good.
As for a price indication, we had to pay 3500 yen for two persons. We only had water to drink, some rice with miso soup and about 8 pieces of yakitori each. Review from NHI1977

#4 Sasebo Burger Log Kit (Sasebo City)

Log Kit’s juicy hamburger comes with a 100% beef patty. Here you can enjoy real flavor of America. Their most popular Special Burger is about 15cm in diameter, weighing about 500g. Its volume is simply awesome.

Photo by daisuk-labo

We love the burgers here. Something about the egg the just puts it over the top. Expect to pay more than you would in the states for a burger, but definitely comparable to other similar places in the area. Staff always friendly and helpful towards us non-Japanese speaking guests. Review from Natalie C

#5 Hikari no Resturant (Nagasaki City)

This restaurant is located at the top of Mt. Inasa 333m above the sea level. You can enjoy dining here overlooking the night view of Nagasaki which is considered as one of Three Major Night Views of Japan. They have a full range of local menu items such as Champon noodles and Sara-udon fried noodles.

Photo by LULULU_journey

Not so many restaurants have as nice view as this one. Located just under the observation deck you get a nice view over the city while eating. The champon set that I ate was good and the service was fast. Reviews from Joonas L

#6 Eyama Kouzanro Uragami (Nagasaki City)

Located on the riverside of Uragami River, Kouzanro is a long-established leading Chinese restaurant in Nagasaki. Their signature Champon comes with a full-bodied broth extracted from chicken bones. That, combined with other ingredients, will give you a wonderfully rich harmonious taste.

Photo by ANI_TOKYO

This was an average meal, nothing too remarkable, but dependable. Lots of locals eating here. It’s Chinese, not Japanese; we were out wandering so it was convenient to stop in. Review from PassportEnvyTA

#7 Steak Salon Asakura (Sasebo City)

Try their lemon steak, a Sasebo specialty. It is a beef steak that comes with soy-based lemon sauce. Asakura’s lemon steak sauce, designed to give a refreshingly light taste to the meat, is truly superb.

Photo by Dee C

The food was so amazing! The steaks comes with corn soup and one of the best salads that I’ve had in my whole life. The steak was tender and the au jus was great! I would recommend Steak Salon as a great date spot. Small place with a great atmosphere. Review from Kristina H

#8 Fukusaya (Nagasaki City)

This is the main store/factory of the famous chain of Castella bakeries. They continue to bake Castella cake in accordance with the traditional method. It is hand-mixed (no mixers) by skilled bakers, moist, soft and puffy…a true delight.

Photo by ベンタイン

This type of cake was from Portugal and localised to Japanese perfectionist standard of finest ingredients. It’s light, sweet and has hearty egg colour. Your Nagasaki experience doesn’t complete without trying these cakes, and fukusaya is the oldest and best as people say, true legend.Review from Midoriya

#9 Iwanaga Baijuken (Nagasaki City)

This is another long-standing Japanese confectioner, known for their unique Moshio-gusa made from Gyuhi (rice-flour confection) and kelp and for the ginger-flavored dry confectionery Kangiku. Their hand-crafted Nagasaki Castella is moist and doughy. It is so popular that it is hard to obtain.

Photo by 長潔 李

There is a small shop. Every confectionery here is so delicious and, especially, Nagasaki Castella is so moist and soft. Staff is very kind . Please stop by. Review from Yong-Uk C

#10 Umeshima (Iki City)

Umeshima serves meat dishes prepared with Iki beef raised with tender loving care at its own ranch. True to the pedigree, Iki beef is tender and marbled. Please enjoy its full-flavored rich taste.

Photo by bigapple7013

I never had such delicious meat! ︎ Our child was also screaming “Yummy”! Highly recommend to make a reservation because it is always crowded by local people. Very affordable. Review from gontabashi

#11 Iwasakihonpo (Nagasaki City)

They are famous for Nagasaki Kakuni Manju (Chinese-style pork belly braised over a long time in tasty soup stock, sandwiched in a soft bun) that almost melts in your mouth. It makes a perfect souvenir from Nagasaki.

Photo by Arisa21さん

One of my friends who tried the Kakuni Manju here strongly recommended me to go. It was amazing! The pork was melting in my mouth. You should try this in Nagasaki. Review from かりんパーク

#12 Himematsuya (Shimabara City)

Himematsuya is said to be the originator of Gu-zouni (a soup dish containing rice cakes and other ingredients), eaten in the New Year in Shimabara Peninsula. At this restaurant, you can enjoy Gu-zouni with as many as 13 local ingredients including Chinese cabbage, fish cake, conger eel and more.

Photo by 明 石

The restaurant is located near the entrance of Shimabara castle. You can enjoy Shimabara’s local food, Guzouni. There is similar food, Zouni in Japan, nation wide. The differences are more things inside such as mashroom, vesitables, chicken, seafood etc. Also, in Shimabara, they have it all the time although we usually have Zouni at new years. Good taste. Review from rena_fr

#13 Shimabara Mizuyashiki (Shimabara City)

This is an attractive old-fashioned teahouse using a half Japanese-, half Western-style house built in the Meiji period. Here you can enjoy Shimabara’s specialty sweets such as Kanzarashi (rice-flour dumplings in sweet cold syrup) overlooking a beautiful natural spring pond.

Photo by ぶちぶち

The old house with spring was renovated to the cafe. Its very calm and relaxing with local sweet – Kanzarashi.Review from rena_fr

#14 Kagetsu (Nagasaki City)

In the good old days, it used to be a restaurant in the popular entertainment district of Maruyama, now designated as a historic site by the Prefecture. Here, you can enjoy Shippoku cuisine, which is a traditional banquet menu served on a large platter, to be shared by guests. It is a combination of Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine, unique to Nagasaki, developed in the early Edo period.

Photo by トートン

Outstanding! Delicious food, beautiful historic place, the best service. Perfect for groups that don’t mind to spend a little more. Review from Masha19690602

#15 Shitamachi no Youshoku Jidaiya (Sasebo City)

Lemon steak is now well known as one of Sasebo’s specialty dishes. This restaurant was opened by one of the originators of lemon steak, who is still active as its owner-chef. Make sure to sample the taste of THE originator.

Photo by 福ふくちゃん

Lemon steak sauce was dramatically delicious! ! And the meat was also great. When the steak was served with rice on the iron plate, the sauce soaked into the rice and THAT taste was amazing! Highly recommend to go. Review from Junadachi

#16 Gunraiken (Nagasaki City)

It is a popular Chinese restaurant always bustling with locals. Their Champon noodles and Sara-udon fried noodles – must-eats in Nagasaki – are superb. Gunraiken’s special fried rice covered with thick starchy sauce is highly recommended, too.

Photo by akubikozou

The other day, I went here with my 8 friends. It was 5 points out of 5 unanimously. Shop is located in the Edo-machi, we were able to find it immediately. Everything is delicious. It is a restaurant I can recommend with confidence.Review from Review from n0buki

#17 Mike’s Tex-Mex Restaurant Sasebo (Sasebo City)

Mike’s specializes in Tex-Mex cuisine, known for items like tacos and burritos. Quesadillas – cheese and meat between two grilled tortillas – are also recommended. There are many foreign diners in the restaurant, enjoying their fare in various languages. Experience a touch of foreign atmosphere in Japan.

Photo by robert314

Polaroid photos of drunken sailors and Japanese/American mismatched couples plaster the walls. You notice the graffitied dollar bills tacked to the ceiling. You realize this is a popular American hang out. The food is great and the drinks are greater. This place is good for a casual night out with the bros, or if you miss the Tex-Mex of good ol Murca. Review from whitney s

#18 Shooken (Nagasaki City)

This is a long-established Castella bakery founded in 1681 (1st year of Tenwa). The 8th-generation owner added chocolate that was much valued in those days to the original recipe of Castella handed down from ancestors, to create Chocolate (pronounced choh-koh-lah-teh) Castella, which is also very popular.

Photo by 10emi17

It’s not as sweet as some of the others…the chocolate and green tea are particularly good. Also, the place itself provides a good and unique experience, especially for tourists. Review from mikebern

#19 Yossou (Nagasaki City)

Yossou is another long-standing restaurant specializing in Chawan-mushi (savory steamed egg custard) and Mushi-sushi, founded in 1866 (2nd year of Keio). Mushi-sushi is a kind of Sushi, steamed and served hot, originated in southwestern Japan. At Yossou, both Chawan-mushi and Mushi-sushi are served generously in large bowls.

Photo by 食べログみかりんこ

We loved this place. The portion was very generous and our total bill was less than 5000 yen. If we had that much back home the bill would have been surely more than double. The quality of ingredients were so fresh and good. We saw lots of locals coming to dine which we appreciated.Review from Seona K

#20 Tarafuku Asa (Nagasaki City)

“You can’t go wrong with seafood at Asa.” is the reputation among local diners. Here you can enjoy fresh fish caught locally in Nagasaki’s waters to your heart’s (and stomach’s) content. Whether it is Sashimi or a meticulously prepared dish, you will be impressed.

Photo by miuuu727

Friendly izakaya with a good selection of dishes at a very reasonable price. Probably the best bet for late evening dining for foreign visitors to Nagasaki. No English menus, but friendly staff will make sure that you are looked after and explain what they haveReview from Sakubona

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