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“Kyushu 100” is the project to introduce the fascinations of 100 spots representing Kyushu chosen by traveler’s review. In order to let you know more fascination of Kyushu beyond 100 spots, we introduce the spots for “Eat” ,”Play” and “Stay” of 7 prefectures in ranking order.

When you think of Onsen spas in Nagasaki, Unzen first comes to mind. Since Unzen once thrived as a health resort for foreigners, there are a host of elaborately designed accommodations full of hospitality. Obama Onsen and Shimabara Onsen are consistently popular, while there is a novel Onsen spring gushing out in remote islands such as Iki Island. Here we will introduce 10 best Onsen spas in Nagasaki where you can experience unique bathing opportunities.

Unzen Miyazaki Ryokan (Unzen City)

In the area known as Unzen Jigoku (or Hell), Jaken Jigoku blowing steam high up in the air is the source of hot spring at this inn. They have open-air baths, large baths and saunas separately for men and women. The spring water is rich in metasilicic acid, which helps to make your skin beautiful.

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This ryokan had traditional status and was by all means the best among all the accommodations we stayed during this trip. The staff members were all friendly and helpful. We had a private waiter in our room during dinner and breakfast. He was very pleasant and friendly. Its onsen was very clean and beautiful. The scenery looking from our room was beautiful with full autumnal colors at its best. This is the ryokan we would like to visit again. Review from TomS1945

#2 Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch (Sasebo City)

This is the park’s official hotel with an elegant European décor. It has a natural hot spring spa available, of course. The Koto-no-yu spa has an open-air bath as well as an indoor bath, where you can relax in hot spring water rich in iron and manganese.

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Stayed one nite to go to the park. Only allowed to get room at 3pm. Concierge was helpful in offloading and storing the luggages. Car parking was free. We got tickets to the park at the lobby. 3 mins walk to park entrance. Convenient but price cheaper than hotels inside park. Don’t miss the boat that goes from hotel to the center of the park. Save your time walking. Review from Elaine L

Unzen Kanko Hotel (Unzen City)

This is a prestigious hotel that is registered as one of Japan’s tangible cultural properties. The great bathing room is a modern Western-style affair with a domed ceiling, stained glasses and art déco tiles. You will be simply fascinated.

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We stayed for 2 nights, unfortunately on the secon day the weather was bad, so we made an excursion to the mount unzen disaster memorial hall and Shimabara castle. The hotel – even for two Swiss – was remarkably in its architectural “Chalet-style”. The staff extremely friendly and attentif. Highly recommendableReview from rene_ruedlinger

#4 Kairi Murakami (Iki City)

Selected as one of Japan’s best 100 sunset locations, this Ryokan has an open-air bath from which you can admire the islands glowing in crimson on the sea at sunset or the star-studded sky at night. The unique spring water of Yunomoto Onsen is colorless and transparent at first but turns reddish brown as soon as it comes into contact with air. Please enjoy soaking in the delightful hot spring.

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Iki Island feels isolated and a world away from modern Japan yet it is only a short ferry from Fukuoka. Kairi Murakami provides the modern luxurious ryokan for this escape. It is recommended for the experienced Japan traveller or those looking to immerse themselves into something a bit different.Review from OzCol1981

#5 Hirayama Ryokan (Iki City)

Legend has it that Empress Jingu found Yunomoto Onsen and used its hot spring for the newborn Emperor Ojin’s first bath. Visitors may enjoy the 1,500-year-old hot spring in the open-air bath, the steam bath, or by a stream of spring water pelting on your back. Delicious dishes prepared with fresh seafood caught in Genkai Sea are very popular, too.

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I decided to stay to see the reviews about the salad made of owner’s self-cultivated vegetables and it was very good just as rumored. In addition to the salad, a variety of fresh seafood was also served. This Inn is not a luxury one honestly, however, I could enjoy the stay so comfortably. I wish I could come back here in the future. Review from Tamasu-chan

#6 Margherita (Shinkami Goto Town)

Margherita is a resort hotel located on a hill of Nakadori Island (one of Goto Islands) overlooking the sea. After enjoying the free-flow hot spring directly from the source at the spa with outdoor and indoor baths, step out and relax on the Meditation Deck with a magnificent view. It is open to east and west, and you may admire both sunrise and sunset.

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This hotel was a pleasant surprise. Very comfortable with all the necessary amenities for a longer-term stay to explore the island. Free Wi-Fi is available at the lounge while wired Internet access is available in the rooms. Cellphone and mobile data coverage was pretty good throughout Shinkamigoto, though, so if you have an unlimited dataplan, you’ll be all right. The hotel restaurant (Crossroads of Sky and Sea) serves brilliant Italian food, all made with ingredients sourced from around the island.Review from tiredNsnarky

#7 Iseya Ryokan (Unzen City)

Iseya is an establishment of long standing in Obama Onsen. They have Mokichi-no-yu, an open-air bath from which you can watch the sun set in Tachibana Bay or, if you prefer, there is a private reserved bath that can easily accommodate 5 adults with a relaxation room.

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This hotel has very nice rooms which overlooks the sea from the balcony – small but sufficient. We love our Japanese styled rooms. Breakfast was a wonderful experience. There’s an indoor/outdoor onsen which is clean and quick to get to. Service is great too staff are very patient with us as we do not speak Japanese. There is also a nice supermarket a stone’s throw away and we enjoyed shopping there. Mt Unzen/Unzen Jigoku is around 20 mins away and costs 550 yen. Review from TravellingWriter2015

#8 Unzen Iwaki Ryokan (Unzen City)

This is the only Ryokan in Unzen Onsen to have a source of hot spring on its grounds. Visitors may enjoy bathing in free-flow hot spring direct from the source in the great bathing room or in the 5 guest rooms with private outdoor baths.

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located just a few minutes walk from the bus terminal stop. we stayed in this Ryokan. the price includes dinner and breakfast, and of course free use of their indoor and outdoor onsen. My tatami room was spacious with ensuite. dinner was served in the room while for breakfast we have to go to a communal hall.Also this Ryokan is waling distance to the Unzen Jigoku, some shrines, and restaurants. Review from eikpinng

#9 Kyushu Hotel (Unzen City)

This is an Onsen inn located in a popular tourist spot of Jigoku-dani (the Hell Valley) in Unzen. Daichi-no-yu is a large open-air bath where you can bathe watching the steam gushing out of the earth, feeling the force of Mother Earth up close.

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Fantastic Japanese onsen hotel -this was a highlight of my Kyushu trip. I loved Unzen and loved this hotel – I felt like I was stepping back in time to a more gracious, gentle past. Arriving at the hotel I was greeted by warm, friendly staff, shown to a lovely room with terrific views over the smoking lava fields, discovered the excellent onsens and ate fantastic food. All of this for a very reasonable rate given what you pay in other, more popular parts of Kyushu. I will definitely be back! Review from olive848484

#10 Hotel Seaside Shimabara (Shimabara City)

Hotel Seaside Shimabara boasts a great location commanding the view of the Ariake Sea. Here, highly concentrated carbonate spring and Shimabara spring are available. Particularly, the carbonated spring with prominently high concentration of carbonic acid is said to have 3 times as much heat-retaining property as ordinary hot spring. It is well worth a try.

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Staffs: Very friendly and helpful
Cleanliness: very clean
Room facility: pretty comfortable, bathroom was especially nice
Dinner and breakfast: dinner was fantastic and breakfast was more than average
Onsen: cozy and cleanReview from Doramihime

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