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“Kyushu 100” is the project to introduce the fascinations of 100 spots representing Kyushu chosen by traveler’s review. In order to let you know more fascination of Kyushu beyond 100 spots, we introduce the spots for “Eat” ,”Play” and “Stay” of 7 prefectures in ranking order.

Located in southeast Kyushu, Miyazaki boats of mild temperature with tropical atmosphere. When talking about Miyazaki, Mango and Miyazaki Jirodi Chicken should come first. The local specialties such as Chicken Numban (fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce) and Jidori-no-Sumibiyaki (Charcoal-grilled chicken) are must-eat menus. Additionally, there are so many various Miyazaki Gourmet items such as Miyazaki Beef, Takachiho Beef, Bonitos – the biggest catch in Japan, Kama-age udon loved by even celebrities. Here is a ranking of the popular restaurants where you can enjoy the above specialties of Miyazaki.

Isshinsushi Koyo (Miyazaki City)

Established 43 years ago, this sushi restaurant with a tradition of long standing is offering fresh seafood delivered from the local fish port in Miyazaki every morning. You will be surely addicted by the special sushi created with the professional skill such as soft-ripened Japanese sea bass as well as rare sardine marinated with salt and vinegar.

Photo by かよきん

Photo by かよきん

The art of making sushi is all in the ‘shari’. The master of Isshinzushi brings fresh produce from all over Japan. The rice from Sado Island in Niigata cooked in a unique ‘won’t show me’ pumpkin broth brings out the life in the rice! If you are in Miyazaki – need to visit.Surprised Isshinzushi Koyo does not have a Michelin Star. Review from TravelerExp
We had a wonderful sushi meal at this beautiful restaurant. Delicious food, wonderful warm kind and attentive staff and a tranquil dining experience. The mango ice cream was to die for.Review from Zanna C

Sono (Nichinan City)

The juicy Chicken Numban served in this old-fashioned café is continuously attracting the customers. After the meal, the coffee with rich aroma taste can be served. It seems that, in serving the coffee, the owner is choosing the cup matching to the customer’s image from the array of cups lined up in the cafe.

Photo by えぼし

Photo by きんたろうきんきん

Probably the best Chicken Nanban I had during my trip around Miyazaki. The exterior appreance is probably not that of a fine restaurant but the food they provide is great. A recommended experience.Review from tripmonkey1117

Unagi no Irifune (Saito City)

This is the historical Unagi Restaurant founded in 1894. The superb combination of selected domestic unagi, mainly from Miyazaki or Kagoshima, and the traditional secret recipe for a sauce is amazing. “Gojiru”, the miso soup with grinded soybeans is served with a meal.

Photo by amarillo26

Photo by ginsei

This restaurant serves the best grilled eel. For this restaurant to last 123 years, I am sure they know how to make their customers’ stomach happy. The current owner, who happened to be the 3rd generation owner, was very friendly and even introduced us to his son who will eventually become the 4th owner. Review from dperez5

#4 Miyazaki Beef Oyodo Kahan Miyachiku (Miyazaki City)

Directly operated by “Miyachiku” running a meat processing and wholesaler company, this restaurant is located in the west building of Miyazaki Kanko Hotel. You can enjoy the famous Japanese Black beef / Miyazaki Beef with Yakiniku (BBQ) or Teppanyaki. In addition to the counter seats facing the Oyodogawa River, there is a private room as well, which allows you to enjoy the meal calmly.

Photo by rangeo

The best tasting beef I have ever tried. The marbling was just perfect. I guess the way it was cooked right in front of us also made a lot of difference. Review from dperez5
Very very very good Miyazaki Gyu BBQ… Unbelievably good! Worth the journey all the way down south of Kyushu, but if you find Miyazaki too far a trek, they have a branch in Fukuoka too.Review from TheEmpireStrikesBack

 #5 Chinese Cuisine Lan Hai (Miyazaki City)

The authentic Chinese restaurant with Hong Kong style located on the 1st floor of Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort. The cold noodle served only at lunchtime is the crystal-jade colored noodle into which the spinach is knead. You can enjoy this springy-textured noodle with the seafood such as scallop or squid.


I often visit here with my husband for dinner and both of us are completely satisfied every time with the delicious food and good service. Lunch time is also recommended with its high cost performance. Generally you can eat your fill for about 2,000 yen per person. Review from BOKUICHIGO

#6 Jidori Sumibiyaki Suisen (Miyazaki City)

This restaurant located under railway viaduct at the north side of Miyazaki Station serves the fresh Jidori chicken with Sumibiyaki, Chicken Numban and raw meat (sashimi). Please compare the tastes of two different Jidori chickens; “Akadori” with crunchy texture and “Miyazaki Jidori” with soft texture.

Photo by sanagiyuki

Miyazaki is famous for chicken, and Suisen was recommended by many people. So, I visited this restaurant right after my arrival in Miyazaki. Tori-Namban, a kind of fried chicken with tartare source, was delicious! The restaurant is small. You should reserve a table in advance. Review from Kimitaka S

#7 Nao Chan (Nobeoka City)

Chicken Numban is said to have been born in this restaurant. On the fried chicken uniquely coated with flower, breadcrumbs and egg, a light sweet vinegar is pored. The difference from other restaurant’s recipe is no tartar sauce on top. The Chicken Numban of this restaurant is highly evaluated with its addictive taste.

Photo by 正彰 柴

This place has been run by the same family for years. The chicken nanban here is different to the one that is served elsewhere. It has a tangy dressing poured on the chicken that makes it taste sublime and much lighter than other types of nanban. Other places give the gloopy tartar sauce but this place makes the tastiest nanban you will ever eat! I promise!! Review from Sonia_and_Dave
This restaurant is located near Nobeoka station. If you visit this small town, you should go this restaurant. Soft Chicken nanban with sweet sour source. So tasty. A little bit crowed. Review from BACIXXX

#8 Karamen-Ya Masumoto Honmachi (Nobeoka City)

The famous restaurant of Hot Noodle originated in Miyazaki. The Hot Noodle features unique noodles, made of buckwheat and flour with food texture like Konjak, and full of hot soup with pepper, garlic and nira (Chinese chives). You can choose the type of noodle, spiciness and with/without garlic.

Photo by 省二藤

Masumoto is my favorite place to eat. Whenever I have guests, I bring them here and they always LOVE it! There are many noodle and soup options to choose from and many spice levels. And don’t let the spice frighten you, you can get no spice if you prefer! Masumoto is my number one recommendation for everyone. You will regret not giving it a try. Review from Makaya M

#9 Bibinya (Nichinan City)

“Bibi” means fish in a dialect of Nichinan region. Located in front of the fishermen’s cooperative association of Aburatsu port, this restaurant offers various original menus featuring the super fresh seafood. As the port is proud of the biggest catch of bonito in Japan, “Bonito Sashimi on rice” and “Japan’s #1 Grilled Bonito on rice” are popular.

Photo by ボカJr

This place has delicious set courses at very reasonable prices! A great, authentic food experience with friendly wait staff. Review from larashka

#10 Karamenya Masumoto Kano (Miyazaki City)

The group restaurant of above-mentioned #8 Karamen-Ya Masumoto Honmachi in Nobeoka City. In a bowl of Hot Noodle, 5 pieces of garlic and plentiful fresh nira from Miyazaki and Kumamoto. Don’t miss Motsunabe made of the same soup used for Hot Noodle.

Photo by 英明 大

Following the guide book recommending here, I visited. You can choose the level of spiciness and they also offer a small size for children and women. I ordered a medium spicy with small size. It was very delicious and I was completely addicted by the soup.Review from 焼き肉香港人

#11 Miyachiku (Miyazaki City)

The group restaurant of “Miyazaki Beef Restaurant Oyodo Kahan Miyachiku” in Miyazaki City. In front of you, the chef cooks a thick-sliced marbled Miyazaki beef steak. Together with salad bar, you can enjoy the meals feeling relaxed with the casual atmosphere.

Photo by Daniel_lawgg

We ask the taxi driver to take us to a good steakhouse for lunch. We did not know what to expect. What a surprise. This place is WAY over the top good. The showmanship, the manners, the food and atmosphere. All put together to make for a great experience. I HIGHLY encourage you to try this place. Not even that expensive. We would have spent what we spent, in the usa, for a sorry piece of steak. We cannot say enough good about this place.Review from TeufelHundenguy
Visited this restaurant in Nov 2014. Wanted to try the teppanyaki but it was fully booked. So we tried the yakiniku style. We ordered the 600g for two persons! The beef quality was very good and love the marbling! I think the teppanyaki style should be very good too! Hope I have the opportunity to try it next time! Review from Hui Fang T

#12 World Gourmet Viking Aletta, Miyazaki Yamagataya (Miyazaki City)

The buffet style restaurant in the Miyazaki Yamagataya Department. With the seasonal theme such as Asia or Italy, you can enjoy the taste of world gourmet cuisines. As both lunchtime and dinnertime do not have a limited time, this restaurant is recommendable for the time when you want to eat your fill.

Photo by nobutakak488

When I visited here for the first time, I did not expect much. But I was so satisfied with the taste and quality. Especially, the juicy roast beef was tender and sauce was also great. Chicken Nanban is also good. You can enjoy the Miyazaki specialties at a reasonable price. Review from K424MK

#13 Odamaki (Miyazaki City)

The famous Kama-age udon restaurant in Miyazaki City. The light-taste broth, made from 4 sorts of fish flakes including round herring, bonito, horse mackerel and mackerel, matches to the thin noodle cooked al dente which goes down smoothly. The mild taste is popular as the meal after the drink.

Photo by 英明 大

The best meal after drinking! The best Kama-age udon in Miyazaki. They are serving Yuzu citron as condiment which makes it different from other kama-age udon. Review from soccerbluespirit

#14 Fruits Ono (Miyazaki City)

Founded in 1982, this fruit shop has a tea parlor as well on the site. The special parfait using the local fruits from Miyazaki such as the ripe mangos “Taiyo-no-tamago”, the ripe kumquat and Hyuga Summer Orange. As it is open until 23:00, some people visit here after drinking.

Photo by そわ

Mango Parfait is great! Miyazaki mango is so sweet and delicious and recommend you to try with parfait here. The shop is always crowded though. Review from BOKUICHIGO

#15 Kamaage udon Iwami (Miyazaki City)

The Kama-age udon restaurant with the history of 40 years. The home-made noodle with soft texture and light flavored broth made of shiitake mushroom, kombu(tangle) and dried small sardines creates a great harmony. Their recommendation is to enjoy the Kama-age udon with “Sakanazushi”, the pressed sushi with vinegared slices of fresh mackerel with plenty of fat on it.

Photo by meukey309

This place is right opposite the train station. It has ample free parking. If you’re walking from Aoshima, it takes about 7 mins. It is obviously famous for Udon. But I thought the square shaped fish sushi was the truly outstanding dish here. Review from fatherhen

#16 Hidaka (Miyazaki City)

This confectionery shop with a 26-year history is loved by local people and they have 7 branch shops in Miyazaki City. “Nanjakora Daifuku”, a heavy rice cake filled with strawberry, chestnut and cheese is a star confectionery in this shop. You can enjoy the purchased product in the shop.

Photo by ゆみゆみ070

For tasting, the shop staff kindly prepared a cup of tea for us. They also sell cake besides Japanese rice cake. Those confectionery could be a good souvenir for your family or friends. Review from macco0301

#17 Maruman (Miyazaki City)

Founded in 1954, this Yakitori Restaurant is said to be an originator of Charcoal-grilled thighs. The chicken thighs grilled at medium rare with high-grade charcoal produced from oak are so juicy with its condensed flavor.

Photo by pokketaro

Unpretentious authentic cooking run by a family. I believe Third generation. Products are fresh, not haute cuisine but so good. Friendly atmosphere, sometimes noisy, private-ish if they still have some space. I definitely recommend this if you do like chicken or wish to have a taste of Miyazaki cuisine. Be warned, This is a chicken Restaurant! 99% of the dishes are Chicken based! It has somehow become one of my favourite places to eat over the years. Excellent price for the quality, affordable for everyone! Review from Horitama

#18 Takachihogyu Restaurant Nagomi (Takachiho Town)

Takachiho Beef Restaurant operated by JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) . You can enjoy the high-quality and tasty Takachiho Beef with Teppan Yaki or Yakiniku BBQ style. The beef with the perfect balance of fat and meat offers you the mouthful sweet flavor of meat.

Photo by ににぎの

Specially target this place for our dinner in Takachiho and we are not disappointed. We ordered the YEN 6900 set and its good for 3 adults. The restaurant serves beef in either DIY BBQ yakiniku or cooked for you for those steak set. Ordering was straight forward and the staff is polite and can speak simple english. Highly recommended for dinner! Review from DSoh1991
DELICIOUS yakiniku. They were extremely accommodating to my gluten and lactose intolerance. They have English speaking staff and an English menu. I highly recommend. Everyone was so nice and the atmosphere was great. Review from Colleen M

#19 Tsukada Nojo Miyazaki Main Store (Miyazaki City)

The flagship restaurant of Izakaya Chain spreading nationwide from Hokkaido to Kyushu. The specialty is Charcoal-grilled “Jitokko”, a rare chicken delivered from the company-owned poultry farm in Miyazaki. The chicken grilled with charcoal straightaway allows you to enjoy the great taste with rich flavor.

Photo by masaokanda

Good atmosphere. We sat down in relaxing way and heard a lot of laughter and conversation while waiting for a waiter, who put down a small half a cucumber and lettuce as tapas. I feel very special. The chicken was very good – juicy but slippery. We tried various foods and drinks, but the price was so reasonable. Review from grace861005

#20 Ogura Oose Branch (Nobeoka City)

Founded in November 1971. The restaurant offering Chicken Numban which competes with above-mentioned #7 “Naochan”. They are the 1st one that started to pour tartar sauce on the Chicken Number in Nobeoka. It has also unique system for the customer to choose either thigh or breast of chicken.

Photo by WorldNature

It’s not located in city central but its ramen is quite rich taste soup. If you’d like to try the Japanese rich taste ramen in Kumamoto, this is the one of the option. Review Kyoto23

Every spot of “Kyushu 100” chosen by travelers is full of fascination. Now, let’s go and experience 100 spots chosen by travelers!

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