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“Kyushu 100” is the project to introduce the fascinations of 100 spots representing Kyushu chosen by traveler’s review. In order to let you know more fascination of Kyushu beyond 100 spots, we introduce the spots for “Eat” ,”Play” and “Stay” of 7 prefectures in ranking order.

Represented by the prefectural tree “Phoenix” which is nodding in the sea breeze, Miyazaki is full of tropical atmosphere. Thanks to its mild temperature, Miyazaki is attracting many people as a resort destination. Here are popular Ryokans and Hotels in Miyazaki surrounded by beautiful ocean and mountains in ranking order. You will be excited to find various fascinations of each Ryokan/Hotel such as panoramic view, meals, onsen or other completed facilities.

Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

A multistoried luxury resort hotel with the height of 154 meters, which commands a great view of the Pacific Ocean and pine forest. With their various facilities such as Onsen facility with a traditional Japanese taste “Shosenkyu” and “The Ocean Club”, the total fitness club combined with gym and pool, the hotel never makes the staying guests bored.

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This is a nice hotel with ocean facing view rooms (at a higher price tag). The rooms are spacious which can sleep 4 quite comfortably with 2 x double beds. The locations is a bit out of way thou and a car is highly recommended for staying here.Review from Daniel_lawgg
The hotel is big with plenty of free parking. We stayed in a room facing the Pacific Ocean and best of all is waking up to a beautiful sunrise. The room is huge by Japan’s standard. The hotel staff was friendly and helpful. We would stay in this hotel again if we came back here. Review from Larryho168

Gokuraku Onsen Takumi no Yado

This onsen inn with the reminiscence of Showa Era is nestled in the foot of Takachiho ridge. The iron carbonate spring water gushing from the site gives off a golden gleam. After bathing, please enjoy the dinner featuring local cuisines with ingredients from mountain/river such as chicken, carp and landlocked salmon. Unagi cuisine is also offered at lunchtime on weekdays.

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We stayed here for only one night. A very relaxing, traditional place to stay – when you arrive you’re greeted with the most traditional, courteous welcome. Taking your shoes off etc as you enter. The room itself is a treat – traditional Japanese with an entrance table where you kneel and drink green tea before retreating to your bed (mattresses on the floor). All set in very traditional Japanese decorations. Each room has a toilet and sink but to wash it’s necessary to head to the onsen. All in all a memorable and truly Japanese experience… Review from Richard B
Gokuraku apparently means “heaven” or “paradise,” and to me it was just that. The traditional Japanese decor was lovely, and I felt like I was transported back in time. Even just coming in through the main entrance lets you know you are coming to some place special. The personalized service was a rare gem. My room was spacious and simply furnished.Review from KMA_Adventures


Nestled in the corner of Sake’s theme park “Morino Shuzo”, this inn offers the nice view of evergreen broad-leaved forest and stream of Ayaminamigawa river from every guest room facing the south. In the bathhouse, you can enjoy the Sakeburo, the bath into which Sake is poured.

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Photo by darl600

Our room was spacious and bath room (cypress bath) was very large as well as clean. I thought I would not need to go another public bath outside of my room. Dinner including Shabu Shabu was also delicious and Breakfast featuring many local dishes was so good. Review from youeatit

#4 Kannogo Onsen

From the 2 source fountainheads, 1 ton of hot spring water is spouting forth per minute. Including the large bathhouse undoubtedly, every bathhouse, such as Hinoki Buro (Japanese cypress bath) which opens exclusively for the staying guests and inside-bath in a detached room, offers hot spring water flowing directly from the hot spring source. The drinkable hot spring water can be taken out.

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There are so many onsen facilities including indoor bath, open-air bath, rest space and the body washing space is also wide enough! After bathing, we enjoyed a dinner buffet at the restaurant! Taste is decent and hand-made texture. Rate is also recommended and so conscientious! Review from Gdaymate2014

#5 Aoshima Grand Hotel

A white hotel standing in the entrance of Nichinan Kaigan Quasi-National Park. The fine view open-air bath has a unique tatami mat floor! From the Pacific Ocean to Aoshima, a magnificent view spreads out under your eyes.

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This was extremely good value for money. We had a Western/Japanese combination room, which was extremely spacious. The staff were very friendly. The hotel is a 5 minute walk to Aoshima Island and has open air onsens on the top floor with a fantastic view. The décor is a little dated but this just adds to the charm of the place. Review from uliab936

#6 Miyazaki Kanko Hotel

Founded in 1954, the hotel standing by the Oyodogawa river has more than 60 years’ history. There are various facilities such as “Tamayura-no-yu” equipped with indoor bathroom, open-air bathroom and sauna as well as some restaurants including the one specialized in Miyazaki Beef besides Japanese, Western and Chinese restaurants.

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Location along river with good view. Convenient location in the city. Nice decorations in the lobby and guest rooms. Clean and tidy everywhere. Fine dinner and breakfast in their restaurant. Surprised to find onsen in this urban hotel. Review from Patrick T
Lobby had an international lobby. One of the few city hotels w an onsen, and a very decent one too. We appreciate the service – when we rang for some ice, a bucket arrived promptly. We also enjoyed the convenience of it being connected to a shopping arcade. Nice buffet breakfast too. Good value for money. Review from Omantis

#7 Aoshima Cinqmale

The secret of this popularity is the panoramic view commanding the “Onino Sentakuita”, a National natural monument and the Pacific Ocean. The magnificent view from the fine view open-air bathing room is a must-see. The thick hot spring water emerged naturally offers comfortable feeling.

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This hotel is near to the Washboard – Oni no Sentakuita.The hotel offer a variety of dinner sets to choose from,
I ordered the beef set for my dinner, it taste good. The service is good as well.
This hotel have a private outdoor onsen, you can have a nice sea view while you are enjoying onsen.
However, it is remote from the hotel and you have to walk for around 3 minutes to the remote site. Do remember to book it in advance!
Other than the outdoor onsen, there are an indoor onsen in the main building. You too can enjoy the sea view there.Review from ymmsa

#8 Ebinokogen Onsen Hotel

Located at an elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level, this hotel in Ebino Kogen is colored by fresh green in summer, and Japanese pampas grass as well as red/yellow leaves in autumn. From the large bathing room, you can enjoy the grand sight of Kankokudake.

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This hotel is near to the Washboard – Oni no Sentakuita, it is a good choice if you would like to live by the sightseeing spot.The hotel offer a variety of dinner sets to choose from, I ordered the beef set for my dinner, it taste good. The service is good as well.This hotel have a private outdoor onsen, you can have a nice sea view while you are enjoying onsen. Other than the outdoor onsen, there are an indoor onsen in the main building. You too can enjoy the sea view there. Review from ymmsa

#9 Hotel J’s Nichinan Resort

At the dinner buffet, you can enjoy a variety of dishes prepared with the sufficient local ingredients from Nichinan Kaigan. In The open-air bath surrounded by nature with 360 degrees, please enjoy the wild bathing time while feeling the force of great nature closely.

Photo by 温泉大好き2014

We really enjoyed this hotel, the views from the room was spectacular and the staffs were extremely helpful & friendly. The room was big unlike any other Japanese hotels. There is also a beautiful golf course overlooking the mountains. The weather was fantastic, except for the last 2 days of our stay, it started to rain but it was still nice.The hotel was located on the top of the hill, hence transport is not convenient, and there were no bus shuttle.We had to take the taxi up & down the hotel, but it was worth the stay.Review from DLYSan

#10 ANA Holiday Inn Resort MIYAZAKI

“Fine-View Onsen”, which commands the panoramic view of Nichinan, has Utaseyu (Pelting hot water), water bath and sauna in addition to large bath and open-air bath amid rocks. The dinner buffet features the popular tempura cooked in front of you as well as the local cuisines such as Chicken Numban or Jidoriyaki.

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Stayed only for a night but the staff were all very helpful. The hotel offers a lot of outdoor activities. When I checked in at around 5pm, the view from my room was the ocean full of surfers. Would like to go back someday and take my kids with me. Review from DLYSan

Every spot of “Kyushu 100” chosen by travelers is full of fascination. Now, let’s go and experience 100 spots chosen by travelers!

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