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“Kyushu 100” is the project to introduce the fascinations of 100 spots representing Kyushu chosen by traveler’s review. In order to let you know more fascination of Kyushu beyond 100 spots, we introduce the spots for “Eat” ,”Play” and “Stay” of 7 prefectures in ranking order.

Fukuoka Prefecture has flourished as the central hub of the Kyushu region, and is renowned for its delicious cuisine and many wonderful onsen hotels. With so many appealing options to pick from for your bathing and accommodation needs, including inns which boast of the skin-beautifying effects of their hot spring waters, business hotels with hot springs conveniently located near train stations, and historic inns whose guest registers include famous individuals from Japan’s past, it can be hard to choose which ones to visit. To help you with your decision, here is a list of the 10 most popular spots, based on guests’ reviews.

Daimaru Betso (Chikushino City)

This historic inn was built over 150 years ago on Futsukaichi Onsen. Guests will be drawn in by the historic feel of the inn, such as the “Taishotei”, a building constructed using the authentic all-wood shion-zukuri method, and which is said to have once hosted Emperor Showa. The men’s and women’s bathing areas are impressively large, at 330 square meters each, and the bath water is drawn from a spring beneath the inn itself.

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The inn was sprawling with a very nice stroll garden. The room I stayed at was in the Taisho wing, highly recommend for the generous room space and tasteful decoration.Review from NHS44
We enjoyed excellent dinner and breakfast in the room. They served perfectly. Furthermore, coffee and tea were free in lounge located in the building complex. Review from Mio

Dormy Inn Hakata Gion (Fukuoka City)

Conveniently located just a minute’s walk from Gion Station of the subway Kuko Line, this simple business hotel features a large bathing area which draws its water from a natural spring 900 meters below the ground, with both indoor and rock baths. Be sure to try the hotel’s popular “Yonaki Soba”, a type of soy sauce ramen which is available free of charge every night from 9:30 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.

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The bath was a great intro to onsen with clear, English guidance and a beautiful, clean space. The women’s bath had 3 pools, a sauna, and a nice dressing/locker area. Both the men’s and women’s bath areas had free washing machines and inexpensive dryers that worked well, with a small lounge I sat in while laundry was running–with TV, wifi, and manga reading.The room was comfortable, clean, and of similar (modest) size as our other hotel stays.Review from Keach

The hotel has comfortable beds and a great buffet breakfast each morning, with Japanese as well as Western options. The mineral baths are wonderful. There is a convenience store located on the ground floor where you can get food, drinks (including beer) and sundries.Review from Stargal61

Roppokan (Asakura City)

Harazuru Onsen, colloquially referred to as “Hakata’s inner chamber”, is a bathing spot whose water is known for its skin-beautifying effects. Situated on the shore of the Chikugo River, each room of the Roppokan provides its guests an unhindered view of the tranquil scenery around the inn. The large bathing area on the first floor has baths which are made from Japanese cypress and bamboo charcoal, and the outdoor baths on the fourth floor are one made from Japanese cypress and another surrounded by a garden, each of which rotates between being for men’s and women’s use on a daily basis.

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It is located quite nowhere, approximately one hour drive from Fukuoka Airport. Building is not old Japanese style ryokan but a conventional hotel building. I stayed top floor room with private open air bath. Room is really big with separate living dining room and bed room. Well cleaned with Japanes interior. Open air bath is good enough size for family.Review from phovolwoo
Loved our room with the bath in the balcony. In-room dinner was amazing.The food served was top of the line abalone, wagyu and sashimi. Short walk in the nearby village before sunset was relaxing too. Review from occasionshucchou

#4 Funagoya Onsen Hotel Higuchiken (Chikugo City)

Funagoya Onsen, located in the southern part of Chikugo City, is said to be Japan’s only carbonated water hot spring. Enjoy a relaxing soak in the observation deck and bathing area on the fourth floor, where you can see both the flowing Yabe River and a forest of Camphor trees. The hotel’s signature Japanese cuisine, flavored using mainly dashi and soy sauce, is very popular, and it draws in many guests who are seeking a delectable breakfast or dinner.

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The appearance of the hotel is an old building, but inside has been well renovated and the nice view with wide river can be enjoyed from every room. The room was calm tatami Japanese-style.The restaurant meal is very elegant with full of delicious cuisines. All staff are friendly and kind. Review from BeeChan2016

#5 Kyukamura Shikano-Shima (Fukuoka City)

A hotel in “Kyukamura”, a resort in the Genkai National Park. From here, you can watch the sun set on the Genkai Sea while soaking in the water of Shikano-Shima Onsen, the only natural hot spring on the island. Dinner is a buffet of mostly Japanese cuisine and full of fresh seafood, and from early summer through autumn, the spread also features yariika squid, served in ikizukuri fashion.

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If you like to enjoy quiet environment and beautiful sea view, it is a right choice for you. We booked a sea view room in which we could see the sunset. Dinner and breakfast were included in our package. The Japanese style dinner never disappoints us. The squid sashimi was fresh and delicious. We couldn’t finish the rice though. The buffet breakfast also exceeded our expectation. The natural hot spring was not large but there were not many guests. One thing I appreciated was that the staff were waving their big hands until they couldn’t see us when we were leaving the hotel by the shuttle bus. They were really professional. Review from JaysonLO

#6 Dormy Inn Premium Hakata canal city mae (Fukuoka City)

This hotel is a 10-minute walk from Hakata Station and just a few steps away from the massive Canal City shopping mall. Featuring a natural hot spring “Sodeminato no Yu” with indoor baths, outdoor baths, and saunas, these excellent facilities will defy your expectations for a business hotel.

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Location is very good. Near to Hakata station, close to amusement area od Hakata city. Breakfast is very different from ordinal hotels in Japan. Vriety of westerstyle foods will satisfy you. Hotsprings and massage also nice. Review from Yoshiaki N
The Dormy chain always delivers good value for money, even after raising their room rates in recent years. This place was typically clean and had been recently renovated. The rooms are snug but two people with bags can manage without too much trouble. Good aircon (Japanese hotels can be quite stuffy especially in autumn when the heat is turned on). The baths, indoor and outdoor, were great though the smell of chlorine was a bit strong in the indoor one. The outdoor one also had a TV.Review from SingaporeGaribaldi

#7 Kiyonoya (Ukiha City)

This hot spring neighboring the Chikugo River is popular among women for its skin-beautifying effects. “Kiyonoya” may be a cozy little inn, but its baths and their free-flowing spring water are first rate. In addition, guests can enjoy a kaiseki course meal of the finest seasonal dishes from the comfort of their own rooms. This quiet hot spring locale is an ideal place for a couple to enjoy a relaxing getaway.

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The relatively close Onsen Ryokan from Fukuoka City. You can use their shuttle bus coming to Oishi station. Japanese-style Kaiseki Cuisine was also good and the hot spring water was also wonderful. Review from BabyBeaver

#8 Kanpo no Yado Kita-Kyushu (Kitakyushu City)

This inn, which is located on the promontory of the Iwaya Coast (Iwaya Kaigan) in Genkai National Park, is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It has two large bathing areas, the natural hot spring “Wakamatsu Hibiki Onsen”, and the man-made “Komyo Ishi Onsen”. From the baths, guests can view the breath-taking beauty of the sun setting on the Genkai Sea, or the fishing lanterns shimmering above its open waters.

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Our room was on the second floor, but we could enjoy the ocean view with a romantic mood.
Dinner was a course menu including delicious squid and breakfast was also good with a variety of dishes.
With the reasonable price, we were completely satisfied.
The problem was parking lot which was not free and too crowded. We had to use a time-pay parking lot outside of the hotel ground.Review from ku-ku-tan

#9 Hotel Parens Onoya (Asakura City)

Hotel Parens Onoya is an inn on the skin-beautifying Harazuru Onsen. While the outdoor bath which faces a garden is certainly charming, visitors will be truly surprised and delighted by the tatami-matted shower room. You can sit down here comfortably, and your feet will never be chilly in the colder seasons, making this a highly recommend relaxation spot.

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There are many recommendable points with this hotel including the shuttle-bus service, the room with tatami mat, the atmosphere of the open-air bath. The breakfast is also superb! Review from katsukonotabi

#10 Kanpo no Yado Yanagawa (Yanagawa City)

Yanagawa City is known for being the hometown of famed poet Hakushu Kitahara. Water still flows in the crisscrossing moats of the city, a reminder of its past as a bustling castle town. The fifth floor observation deck bath of Kanpo no Yado Yanagawa provides a panoramic view of the Yanagawa cityscape, and the observation deck restaurant serves the Yanagawa delicacy “Unagi no Seiromushi”.

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This hotel seems to have been around for decades but it’s still run very well. The clientele are mostly elderly Japanese. The doors still open using a key! Forget about internet or wifi. However, it’s very authentic Japanese and can be charming if you’re looking to integrate with the local culture.Review from Jason R

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