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“Kyushu 100” is the project to introduce the fascinations of 100 spots representing Kyushu chosen by traveler’s review. In order to let you know more fascination of Kyushu beyond 100 spots, we introduce the spots for “Eat” ,”Play” and “Stay” of 7 prefectures in ranking order.

When traveling in Kyushu, you cannot miss Fukuoka Prefecture. In the urban city surrounded by stylish commercial facilities standing lining a street, shrines and temples as well as nature-rich parks are also fit in well in the town, enhancing the fascination of each other. Here are the recommendable Fukuoka’s tourist spots in ranking order you should visit.

Ohori Park (Fukuoka City)

Ohori Park, constructed making good use of the outer moat of Fukuoka Castle, is loved as an oasis in central Fukuoka with a large pond at its center. In the spacious park, there are three divided roads for walking, cycling and jogging. A pleasant park complete with Museum, Cafe, Noh-Theater and Japanese Garden.

Photo by Mnatul

Photo by ランナー0130

Safe and quiet environment. Great for family activities. Jogging, bicycling, walking, riding Swan boat, anyway you chose. 2 stops from Tenjin by subway. You can also visit the City Art Gallery in the park as well as Starbucks to have a cup of coffee. Review from midorin593
This free park is very large and is planned around a huge lake with a string of islands running down the middle. There are bridges that allow you to go down islands which are planted with pine trees and other local fauna. There are boats for rent including the big paddle ‘Swan’ boats. Along the periphery of the park there are walking, running and bicycling paths. Review from mefixer

Kitakyushu City Kawachi Fuji Garden Wisterias Blossom (Kitakyushu City)

Particularly, the wisteria tunnel in full boom during Golden Week is famous and the wisteria trellis featuring 22 sorts of wisteria is a must-see. During blooming season, many tourists from inside and outside of Japan are visiting here. The autumn foliage in the end of November is also highly reputated for its beauty.

Photo by Karen_Tem_Tem

Photo by WanderlustJournal

This was a really amazing place to see – walking though the tunnels was a wonderful experience… you really feel isolated like you stepped into a magical world! I had wanted to see this ever since I first saw a photo of it, and I really loved getting to experience it for myself; it was a very romantic feeling garden, and we even saw a bride and groom having wedding photos taken. The flowers only bloom for a couple weeks though, and unfortunately golden week is really the best (and most crowded) time to see it. Review from kibo47
An amazing wisteria garden that is tucked away in the little town of Yahata. The park is only open during wisteria season and you need to buy pre-sale tickets!!!! If you don’t speak Japanese ask your concierge to assist you. Review from mamathon

Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History (Kitakyushu City)

The Biggest museum in Western Japan, with the concept of “the evolution and history of life”, is popular among all generations! Abundant displays never make you bored even while staying for a whole day. Especially, you will be astonished by the fossil replicas of dinosaurs, which is worth seeing.

Photo by 和代 藤

Photo by ササユリ

Wonderful display and well managed. It’s inviting settings made learning fun and engaging. You are so close to the exhibits that they seems to be alive. Really worth spending 2-3 hrs, so don’t go there too late in the day. Excellent attraction in Fukuoka.Review from retravelmomVancouver
It was all fun at this Museum and above all the things learn t from this place. people of all ages learn from this place. Lot of historical things including the extinct Dino sours have been preserved in this place. You will really appreciate the demo of Japanese culture and it feels like in a Japanese home. Review from 9160Olive123

#4 Asahi Brewery Hakata (Fukuoka City)

Located in a convenient place with a 3-minute walk from JR Takeshita Station, next stop from Hakata Station, Asahi Brewery Hakata offers you an inspection/beer tasting for free with an advanced reservation. The restaurant and gift shop inside of the brewery are also popular.

Photo by Ariel S

Can’t believe we could have such a professional tour and beer tasting session for free. We went for Japanese tour as we couldn’t get English tour during golden week. But we had audio device with several languages including English. Review from Liangjing123

#5 Dazaifu Temmangu Shrine (Dazaifu City)

Dazaifu Temmangu Shrine was built dedicated to the prominent scholar, Sugawara Michizane. In the approach to the shrine, there are so many stalls selling famous sweet “Umegaya mochi”, souvenir shops and restaurants. Within the grounds of the shrine, there is “Dazaifu Yuenchi-Amusement Park” for children’s playground.

Photo by itashiro

This shrine is very old but the compound is well maintained and the buildings are mostly in its original state. Good to spend half a day here in a very serene surroundings and learning about the history.The shopping street outside is nice to explore and good to hop into one of shops for their pancake snack or maybe a early lunch before going into the shrine compound.Review from DSoh1991

#6 Munakata Taisha (Munakata City)

Munakata Taisha Shrine, the head shrine of the approximately 7,000 Munakata shrines throughout the country, Itsukushima Shrine and Shrines dedicated to Munakata Three Goddess, has been venerated since ancient times as housing the God of paths and many visitors pray for nautical and traffic safety.

Photo by あれクス

As you enter the shrine there is a pond full of large carp, if you feed them they go into a frenzy , quite a sight. Going through the main entrance there is a shrine in front of you, it is a classic shrine and is beautifully built. It is a peaceful place and typically Japanese, well worth a visit, the fact it is located amongst beautiful green fields is a bonus. Entry is free. Review from BrizzyBoltonboy

#7 Nokonoshima Island (Fukuoka City)

With a distance of about 10 minutes by ferry boat from Fukuoka City, Nokonoshima Island allows you to enjoy the sea bathing or camping, and it is also famous as a noted place for flowers. “Nokonoshima Island Park” located on the top of the island is fully covered by the seasonal flowers such as rape blossoms and cherry blossoms in Spring, Sunflowers in Summer, Cosmoses in Autumn and Narcissuses in Winter.

Photo by Luis M

The island is covered by sea of flower and you can spend a whole day there. It is wonderful and beautiful. The only drawback is that it is located quite far away from the Hakata station (city center) Review from Traveller_HK_2012

#8 Nanzoin (Sasaguri Town)

The most notable thing in Nanzoin, a special head temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect, is the largest bronze statue of Reclining Buddha in Japan, of which dimensions are impressive at 41 meters in length, 11 meters in height, and weighing in at 300 tons. Five-colored cloth, associated with the five-colored light that appeared when the Buddha achieved spiritual enlightment, adorns the left hand of the statue and people pray holding the cloth.

Photo by nおじさん

All the reviews are spot on about train ride from Hakata, directions to the area, and descriptions. It is definitely worth a visit. Such a tranquil area, lovely spaces. A real cultural enrichment. Please go! Review from Lael M

#9 Shikanoshima (Fukuoka City)

Shikanoshima is known as the land where the Gold Seal that Chinese Emperor Guangwu presented to a local monarch was found. With scattered shrines and monuments inscribed with old Japanese poem, you can feel the history at every turn. Furthermore, it is also recommendable for the drive to enjoy the panoramic view of Sea of Genkai (Genkainada) or Fukuoka Town from a hill, and beautiful beach surrounding the island.

Photo by ushiushi3

I personally love it and highly recommend it as bicycle trip! You can access the islad from the land by the long bridge and then just cycle around. There is beautiful nature around and the round is in a perfect condition.Review from Magdalena K

#10 Fukuoka Science Museum (Kurume City)

Based on the theme “Planet Earth”, this museum offers visitors an opportunity to learn about science in an enjoyable way while playing. The exhibitions include simulated experience of activities in the space station, aircraft/ecocar simulation and Cosmos Theater with a projection of more than 10 millions of stars.

Photo by _M7588LA

Tons of interesting science exhibits which will keep the kids enthralled: interactive experiments and displays; a robotic dinosaur; parabola sound wave phones; plasma light show; a planetarium; etc … Check their website for seasonal attractions and shows. Review from fc

#11 Miyajidake Shrine (Kurume City)

Miyajidake Shrine, with the largest sacred straw rope in Japan and the most giant drum and bell in Japan, is the shrine dedicated to the God of Good Business. The shrine conducts the “Tsuitachi Mairi” ritual on the first day of each month when many worshippers continuously visit the shrine all night long.

Photo by あれクス

Not far from Fukuoka, this shrine dedicated to Lord Fox (Inari), paths also lead to Buddhist temples (Fudomyoo ..). People come here to protect the family against road accidents, for business and to find happiness. The sanctuary is very active and you can see the Shinto priests officer .It also a very nice walk in the woods behind the temples. Review from papier-avion

#12 Hakata Gion Yamakasa (Fukuoka City)

Hakata Gion Yamakasa is annually conducted from 1st -15th July. During the period, a varieties of Yamakasas, floats elaborately decorated for the festival, are displayed here and there in Fukuoka City to boost the festive mood. The festival will reach the climax with “Oiyama” starting early in the morning, at 4:49 am on the 15th, when men’s groups, starting every 5 minutes, compete on the time taken to race along a 5km course carrying the floats on their shoulders. You will be astonished with the scene.

Photo by てぃた

If you’re in Fukuoka, don’t miss it. Yes, it’s full of local butts and loincloths but it’s a great community activity that binds neighbors and friends, sons and fathers as they lift and trudge the heavy effigy. It’s a very masculine festival (lot’s of sexy half-naked men.) Don’t let the prudishness of Western society mar your experience. There is no malice in this cool activity. Unlike the slow and elegant parades of Kyoto or Nikko, Hakata Gion Yamakasa is a merchant class festival- raucous, loud, energetic and wet. Review from gekidan

#13 Maizuru Park (Fukuoka City)

Maizuru Park, converted from the ruins of the main enclosure of Fukuoka Castle, is loved by local citizen as a relaxing place. It has a perfect access with only a 15-minute walk from Tenjin, the center of Fukuoka City. As a notable place for cherry blossoms, the park is so alive with people viewing the cherry-blossoms in Spring.

Photo by kbenjhawan

At a sunny autumn afternoon, this park is quiet and lovely. The remain stone wall of Fukuoka castle and ginkgo and maple trees constitute a beautiful scenery. Although the main building of Fukuoka castle did not reconstruct, this place still worth your visit. It just next to Ohori park and Fukuoka Art Museum. Take a walk and just relax. Review from altamarea2014

#14 Ishibashi Museum (Kurume City)

The Ishibashi Museum was built and donated to Kurume City by Shojiro Ishibashi, the founder of the Bridgestone Corporation. Japanese Garden surrounded by many seasonal flowers would be ideal for a relaxing walk.

Photo by hosakin

Amazing museum featuring famous works of local artists as well. You can also enjoy the pleasant walking in Japanese Garden. Ideal place for family leisure. Review from Michi F

#15 Fukuoka City Subway (Fukuoka City)

As the information map of Fukuoka City Subway is easy to understand, even a tourist can take it without getting lost. The direct access from Fukuoka Airport to the heart of the city is another reason to be popular.

Photo by 世界旅行コンシェルジュ

Was a regular user of the Fukuoka Subway, easy to use, safe at all hours of the day, not as crowded as Tokyo or Osaka even though there were the platform staff assisting during the rush hours – no problems. Review from adcmelb

#16 Old Ito Denemon House (Iizuka City)

The former residence of Denemon Ito, one of the well-known coal millionaires and poet Byakuren Yanagihara was built with every luxury during the Meiji Era. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of a blending of Japanese and Western styles such as the art nouveau-style fireplace and the living room with stained glass.

Photo by 正男野

This house was the main residence of coal mining merchant Ito Den-emon whose second marriage was to Yanagiwara Byakuren (also her second marriage) who was a cousin of Emperor Taisho. Yanigawara wrote poetry under her pen name of White Lotus.The house is an interesting side for anyone staying in Fukuoka City. Travel time and fare cost about 45 minutes and 650 Yen each way. Review from StanleyAuckland

#17 Kushida Shrine (Fukuoka City)

Kushida Shrine, loved by local peole with the nickname “Okushida-san”, is preferably close to the flourishing city area. As the main venue for “Hakata Gion Yamakasa”, one of the three largest festivals in Fukuoka, the elaborately decorated float is displayed throughout the year.

Photo by Ted L

Kushida Shrine is a must-see temple in Hakata. Some people might say all temples in Japan look and feel very similar especially if you have already visited those major shrines in Kyoto. But in my opinion, each and every one of them is unique and has its characteristics which you will appreciate its beauty.Review from elsiecpy

#18 Kyushu National Museum (Dazaifu City)

As one of only 4 National Museums in Japan, Kyushu National Museum displays the exhibitions associated with the history of Japanese culture. It is accessible from precincts of Dazaifu Tenmangu by elevator and moving walkway.

Photo by りく@ゆ

Remarkable modern museum on the history of Kyushu and Japan. Great exhibits superbly presented. Interesting architecture. Good museum shop and great temporary exhibitions. One of the trip’s highlights for culture lovers. Review from JFLR187198

#19 Tenjin Underground City (Fukuoka City)

With 150 shops standing side by side, Tenjin Underground City is connected to the subway station. The townscape, designed with the image of Europe in 19th century, makes you excited while just strolling.

Photo by scalopages

I love shopping here! Both sides of the underground city have over hundred over shops! It is linked to different malls on both sides. I especially love shopping here during winter as it shelters me from the cold wind !!!
I love Japan for its culture , food and shopping! Not forgetting the people and their hospitality! The underground city is so clean and well maintained! A place not to be missed. It has so many cafes for shoppers to grab a drink and snacks whilst shopping. Review from mariestar

#20 Umi no nakamichi Seaside Park (Fukuoka City)

The extensive leisure park with a ground area of 115 times the size of Tokyo Dome offers visitors a variety of attractions such as playground equipment, bathing place and small amusement park. For the transportation in the huge park, rental bike with which you can enjoy the cycling is recommended.

Photo by DXあんちゃん

This park blew my expectations out the window! 410yen per adult gives you access to the huge park with beautiful gardens, ponds, woody paths and wetland area. Inside are a number of attractions for additional cost including a zoo. I rented a bike in the late afternoon and cycled the perimeter only stopping at a few garden/ nature areas due to time. The roses and hydrangeas were in bloom and were stunning. Review from Christy M

#21 Mt. Sarakura (Kitakyushu City)

The panoramic night view overlooking from the Mt. Sarakura at 622 meters above sea level is often referred to as “Night View of 10 Billion Dollars” because of its beauty. You can reach the mountain top by ropeway or car.

Photo by レイズナー

After catching the cable and slope car to the top you are rewarded with lovely views of the surrounding area. There is a cafe at the top and you can walk from the top down to the visitor centre then back up to the cable car station. The visitor center is geared towards naturalists. Review from btnurse

#22 Tochoji Temple (Fukuoka City)

The first temple built by famous Buddhist priest Kukai (Master Kobo) in Japan was Tochoji Temple. It is full of noteworthy points such as the largest wooden statue of Buddha seated on a pedestal in Japan “Fukuoka Daibutsu” or “Five-storied Pagoda”.

Photo by Puchawadee K

What a lovely Temple to visit, pleasant grounds, a beautiful pagoda, and the wooden Buddha took our breath away (I visited with two children, age 11 and 4). No photos are allowed of the Buddha, though, but l don’t mind – this is a religious site after all. We went during a weekday afternoon and the temple had few visitors. A wonderful, serene experience. Review from evap77

#23 Kaho Theater (Iizuka City)

Kaho Theater, the traditional playhouse opened in 1931 (Showa 6), is still providing a variety of performance as a live cultural property telling the history of stage entertainment for the general public.

Photo by すろーポーク

This is a classic style theater which opened in 1931. This area had a huge coalmine and this was for providing amusement to the employees. There are back lot tours and you can see the classical setting of a Japanese theater, similar to Kabuki. Reciew from kabu17

#24 Kanmon Kaikyo Fireworks (Iizuka City)

Fireworks Festival displayed jointly in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka and Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi over the channel that separates Honshu from Kyushu. A series of big fireworks in scucession and music fireworks from the Fukuoka side, and huge firework with a diameter of 45 cm and firework on the water are famous.

Photo by Hako0426

Great Fireworks Festival to be conducted on 13th August every year. It might be difficult to secure the nice position to enjoy the fireworks, so I would recommend you to join the tour. Review from h_show

#25 Marine World Umino-nakamichi (Fukuoka City)

Located in front of Hakata Bay, Marine World Umino-nakamichi exhibits 30,000 marine organisms consisting of 450 different species. A variety of attractions such as popular dolphin and sea lion shows, the large panoramic tank and Sea Animal Island entertains the visitors.

Photo by いちごいちえ

This is a nice place to spend a few hours especially if you’re into marine animals. The whale and dolphin show was entertaining enough but it’s done in Japanese so you can only watch if you’re a tourist. It was cold when we went and I appreciated the fact that the provided heated seat cushions.Review from bryantpark88

#26 Hakozakigu(Fukuoka City)

Hakozakigu Shrine is one of the three major Hachimangu Shrines in Japan. Known as the venue for “Hojoya”, one of the three major Hakata Festivals conducted in September every year, almost 1 million worshippers are visiting Hakozakigu Shrine surrounded by 700 stalls during the festival period.

Photo by Jate L

Hakozaki is an important Hachiman shrine and well worth a visit. The approach to the shrine is impressive because of the number of large torii leading to the shrine. There are gardens and shaded walks inside where you can linger and enjoy a quiet moment. I went in June and was lucky to see the shrine’s hydrangea garden in full flower. Really beautiful! Review from Nonnapn

#27 Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome (Fukuoka City)

Japan’s first stadium with a retractable roof designed taking a hint from the image of the Colosseum in Rome. The fair view from multiple positions allows the venue to be used for concerts or events beyond baseball games.

Photo by eduardo325

Went with friends to a Hawks game. Had an amazing time. Best way I can describe a baseball game there is: baseball meets American college football. All fans attending seemed to be having a great time…home and away fans. Every at-bat was meet with cheering sections filled with taiko drums and horns. The stadium had quite a diverse selection of Japanese food at the food stands, and hardly anyone left the game until well after player interviews and fireworks (Hawks won!). Review from tveditor

#28 Yanagawa River Boat (Yanagawa City)

Yanagawa river boat ride runs slowly in the moats spread in the city district taking approximately 70 minutes. As there are some shops on the water in the middle of the course, you can enjoy cruising with beer or snacks.

Photo by tksh_0611

The boat person we had sang for us and also shared some interesting facts along the river. Great experience to hear the beautiful echoes under the bridge when the boat person sang for us. First time ever to have a pit stop for ice cream and beer on the riverReview from Wonno

#29 Mt. Tenpaizan (Chikushino City)

Tenpaizan at 258 meters above sea level is loved by local people in Fukuoka as the ideal mountain for casual hiking. When Sugahara Michizane was deported to Dazaifu by the government, he climbed this mountain and greeted the sky to persist in pleading his innocence. That is the origin of the name. (Ten=Sky, Pai=Greeting, Zan= Mountain)

Photo by 伸枝 平

The elevation is not so high (256 meters), however you can enjoy the panoramic view from the observatory. For families with small children, I recommend the front path that is wellmaintained. Review from joey931213

#30 Munakata Road Station (Munakata City)

Munakata Road Station boasts of No.1 sales figures in Kyushu. On weekends, there is a long queue of cars waiting for parking. In seeking the fresh sea food from the neighboring fishing port or farm-fresh vegetables, local people also rush here.

Photo by BeeChan2016

You can find very fresh seafood and unique ingredient such as boar meat. There is a restaurant offering attractive menus. I recommend to visit here on the way to Munakata Shrine in this neighborhood. Review from MA

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